Do Not Download This Week's Free Witcher 3 DLC

According to CD Projekt Red, the new outfit for Ciri was released ahead of schedule and you should absolutely NOT download it.

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Yaqza1136d ago

This is actually pretty funny (in an ironic way) because PSN used to be late with TW3 DLC and the one time they've put it earlier it's borked:)

Sly-Lupin1135d ago

They didn't put it out early. It's the DLC we were supposed to get last week (but didn't).

Mr-Dude1136d ago

Well a little late, downloaded it yesterday on the ps4. Im not in the mood for deleting the game and reinstalling it again

ChronoJoe1136d ago

Seems that even once deleted people on twitter are unable to load there saves? Maybe if you haven't tried to load your game since you won't even be affected, just delete it before playing...

The game doesn't take to long too long to install if you have the disc.

AndrewLB1135d ago

That's because their game has to be updated to the same version they had when they created the save file. I had the same thing happen a while back on my PC because I reinstalled after altering one config file too many. If the save game was made while playing v1.5, the reinstalled game must be v1.5 or newer.

ps4fanboy1136d ago

Oops too late , love witcher , on the humour alone , 10/10.
I just wish I lived in that world.

angelsx1136d ago

Lol go outside get fresh air.

Antifan1136d ago

Nah, it's filled with chemical pollution, spores and such.

aLiEnViSiToR1135d ago


Only in 'Murica...and Japan, China, Russia, India, UK, Korea, Canada, Germany, Iran... well this planet is shrinking by the minute >_>

Why go out when you can play inside ?!

Coming soon next door near you, the toxic chemicals and spores.

Brought to you by irresponsible humans, enjoy :[

KillerResistance1135d ago

Outside? Fresh air? these are stuff we games dont play around with

RedDevils1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

L really need to get out of the house JK :P

IIFloodyII1136d ago

I couldn't if I wanted to, the store is down. Wonder if it's connected, because everything else works.

inmusicutrust1136d ago

It's down for the weekly update. Should be back up soon w this week's additions

Hellsvacancy1136d ago

Yeah most of my games are locked, tried playing Bf4 earlier and it's got a lock on it, tried restoring the licenses but "system error"

Cra2yey31136d ago

This is why im pro physical...

kaizokuspy1136d ago

I read yesterday in bf4 menus, bf servers will be down an the update will be 2 minutes per server?

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The story is too old to be commented.