In-game purchases or F2P for Battleborn? There's "none of that"

"It's a $60 game. Pop in the disc. It's all right there," Gearbox tells Gamereactor.

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spacedelete987d ago

all on the disc ? from Gearbox of all companies ? i'll believe it when i see it.

NiteX987d ago

Coming from 2K Games makes it even more difficult to believe!

spacedelete987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

oh i forgot about 2K Games. the same 2K Games that gave Evolve 2 season passes in less than 6 months and had laughable amount of overpriced DLC.

LostDjinn986d ago

Translation: No buying Goldern Keys (yes they did just say that) or things that give players an advantage or skins in-game? Great but I'll believe it when I see it.

You can't pay to avoid grinding, buy experience, etc. I do believe.

As for's gearbox. You can bet your left nipple they had plans for dlc moments after they thought up the game's concept.

DragoonsScaleLegends987d ago

You know we are in the modern era of gaming when they have to actually confirm that the game is on the disc.

MikleDemi987d ago

Please, Gearbox?
How many Borderlands DLC did we get? Borderlands 2 DLC?
Lol shit how many VERSIONS of each game did we get? I think there is now a GOTY edition on every console except for the Wii U, with more DLC available for the BL2 GOTY...

And a Gearbox e-mail hit the web that shows they will be releasing a Borderlands port to the NX as a launch title.

Yeah that's right.

How about Aliens? How many DLC? Blah my rant is over. Gearbox is Gearbox, and all their games are monetized to hell. I predict exclusive DLC for pre-ordering, some scheme with Red Bull for extra stuff, and more abhorrent DLC practices.