IGN's PSP Best of E3 Awards

E3 2008 is over, and while it was a smaller show than previous years, that doesn't mean the quality of noteworthy titles were diminished as well. There were plenty of excellent titles that will be coming out in the rest of 2008 and 2009 for gamers. Sony tried to highlight this fact at their press conference, showing large montages for all three of their systems and pointing out how strong their lineup will be, along with their commitment to their 10 year plan for their consoles.

The PSP presence at the show was somewhat diminished from previous years, which seemed to mirror the lack of software that's currently been found on the system. However, the four titles that IGN did find there were extraordinary, particularly how the developers have managed to squeeze the technical and visual power out of the system in completely different ways.

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SacT0wnF1n3st3644d ago

I feel like the PSP is the most complete handheld on the market.

Close_Second3644d ago

...I just wish the new slimline model didn't feel so, well, cheap.

They also need to keep up the momentum created by GOW:COO as that is a stunning title.

SmokingMonkey3644d ago

can't wait for resistance retribution, anyone how many players online for it? 32 i bet.

Strife Lives3644d ago

Its a brilliant console.but,I promise you.the revival of the psp is when they release GT mobile

SolidLiquidSnake3644d ago

I think PSP have a lot of Great Games now, look at God War CO, Gta VCS and LCS, Metal Gear Solid PO, Killzone Liberation, Syphon Filter LS, Tekken DR, Patapon, Ratchet size matters, Daxter,...But I agree whith you in part: the lauch of GT mobile will be, not the revival, because it will be more great games for it, like Resistance for example, but a awesome moment for the PSP!

Homicide3643d ago

This list is better than the Wii's. No joke. Anyways, Resistance PSP looks pretty awesome. First day buy.