Mighty No 9 Copies Mega Man And Insults Comcept's Old Home, Argues Hideki Kamiya

Kamiya had some words for the highly successful Kickstarter headed by former coworker Keiji Inafune.

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-Foxtrot1259d ago

Isn't that a good thing though, I mean Capcom is shit these days. Making a game EXACTLY like the one you helped create is a massive middle finger to Capcom. Same with Yooka-Laylee

More developers need to do things like this.

Dir_en_grey1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Most people are mistaken Inafune of being like the Miyamoto for Mario though.

This guy pretty much just ride off other people's work throughout his whole career and took credit for them.

Worked at Capcom long enough to have seniority, he didn't create Megaman at all, he was in charge of Megaman X, but all he did was give out some ideas and his drawings are absolute terrible. All he did was, hey lets give Megaman a sword, hence Zero was born. Resident Evil was successful, so he said hey let's give RE a sword hence Onimusha was born. But rest of the work and everything else was done by his subordinates.
Does he deserve the credit, a lot of ppl worked under him thinks no because he just came up w/ some easy concept while he took credit for everything else that everybody came up with working under him.

His new company Comcept, pretty much just come up w/ ideas for other companies, and guess what, he's leaching off ideas of the ppl he hires and stamping his name on them just like before.

Nobody even wants to hear these stuff cuz all they know or heard is "Inafune's the father of Megaman" which was absolutely not true anyway as Megaman was created by his boss at the time when he was just doing level design. Just took over as time went on cuz of seniority system in Japan.

Now you guys understand that, then you'll understand Kamiya and even Mikami's (from RE) comments towards Inafune, cuz they both worked under Inafune at Capcom and stated that Inafune is incompetent and pretty much just takes credit for the final result before in other interviews. Kamiya's reaction now pretty much means Megaman is a creation by the ideas of a collective of people that worked at Capcom before and not just Inafune's one man creation, which everybody is mistakenly acknowledging right now.

Igarashi's Bloodstained would be completely different as the amount of Igarashi's involvement in creating Castlevania is totally different then Inafune. Different reactions from ppl in the industry can tell you a lot.

zeal0us1259d ago

I find it funny Hideki says this about Mighty No. 9 when Bayonetta is just female-lead Devil May Cry.

MyDietEqualsGames1259d ago

Kamiya already said Inafune is a business man, not a creator.

That should be enough to support the above comment.

_-EDMIX-_1259d ago

@Zealous-well Hideki actually did the DMC games...

ShinMaster1259d ago

^ Okami is also a Zelda clone.

Segata1259d ago

I agree with Kamiya. He's a business man not a creator.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

All they had to do was let Keiji do another megaman game. He wanted to, the fans wanted him to. It seems like a no-brainer. But unfortunately a lot of once great Japanese devs seem to be stuck on stupid for some reason.

To be fair they are starting to make u-turns.

Nodoze1259d ago

Well said and 100% agree. It is as if at the start of last gen that almost the entire Japanese game developers collectively = sh1t the bed.

Very very strange.

This generation looks to be fixing some of these things.
SE - has FINALLY agreed to an FF7 remake, and generally have turned things around
Sega - admits to misrepresentation, and that they are going to turn things around

Sadly though we also have examples of some that still don't get it...
Konami - WTF?!?
Nintendo - Stuck in the past, and now undercutting WiiU by speaking about NX
Capcom - still don't get it

schlanz1259d ago

Not fair lumping in Nintendo with all those others. As a developer, they still make some of the very best games, regardless of their familiar nature.

Hoffmann1259d ago

Namco is also falling a bit lately. Their free2play SoulCalibur was terrible, their SoulCalibur V was not half as fun as any of the SC 1-3 games. Tekken is attracting less and less players and the characters look almost exactly like over 10 years ago aside from better graphics. And Ridge Racer? Its last awesome game was released on the PS1. TTT2 in 2012 was the last game I bought from namco.

ABizzel11258d ago

Best chance of turning around this gen

Japan's top publishers this gen

1. Square-Enix (possibly vying for best 3rd party publisher this gen)
2. Nintendo
3. SCE
5. Sega
6. Capcom
4. Namco Bandai
6. Konami (MGS5, is their one saving grace)
7. Tecmo Koei

Biggest fails in of JP

1. Konami just don't get it (games)
2. Nintendo just don't get it (consoles)
3. JP as a whole is just in shambles outside of a few developers, Square, Nintendo (as game developers), and SCEJ. Everyone else is just half @$$ing it in every regard.

MSBAUSTX1259d ago

This game looks better than anything Capcom would have let him do anyway. Yes it copies the concept but goes so much farther than previous entries. Its going to be a lot of fun.

blackblades1259d ago

Yeah, IMO it's good thing, new concept, characters, etc. Refresh unlike Mario you get tired of the same character even though there your favs.

Tdmd1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Might No 9 is a way to show the creator believes in Mega Man and in the fanbase, so much so he was very willing to do something about it. The true insult to the series is Capcom's lack of care for it.

DragoonsScaleLegends1259d ago

I've seen a Mega Man game before and this does not look the same to me. Unless you can copyright a genre I don't see this as copying.

Loadedklip1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It is definitely at its core a Mega Man game ... not just a game in its genre.

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