Rory McIlroy PGA Tour exclusive: Frostbite Engine & a two-year development cycle

For the folks at EA Tiburon who have been working on the newest version of EA Sports' popular PGA Tour game over the passed two years, it's been a lengthy round. It was nearly two decades that Tiger Woods was the star cover athlete for the franchise, but this year is the dawn of a new age, a new generation and a new world for the PGA Tour franchise.

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JoeMcCallister1255d ago

"Recent news has surfaced confirming that only eight real-life (nine if you pre-order) and four fantasy courses will be available at launch, souring the anticipation many had for the game. Additionally, only twelve playable golfers will be available at launch, which does not include Tiger Woods, as we reported last week that he will not be a playable character. There will be five fake golfers coming to the game's launch day roster."

Yikes EA - that doesn't sound great - although I guess I usually play as the big dog for a match or two and then create a golfer more often than not instead of playing as anyone outside the top 20 unless some friends want to do a "pick the worst, do the best" game or something. But it does evoke some fears of the NHL situation repeating itself like the author said.

Yi-Long1255d ago

I guess they will just continue on the same greedy road that turned me off from the Tiger Woods games, selling a bare-bones game for full price, then DLC-milking the hell out of it...

RzaDaRazor1255d ago

"EA Sports did say they would be providing free content updates post-launch"

u4one1255d ago

"EA Sports did say they would be providing free content updates post-launch, but this is a very similar situation to what we saw with NHL 15 last year, which also had a slew of features missing at launch."

I didn't get the same takeaway message from that sentence that you apparently did

RuleNumber51255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I hear that! The last thing we need is another NHL 15 and really, there's no excuse for this to happen with this game, considering they've been working on it for 2 years now.

NHL 15 at least had a very minor excuse since EA put significantly less than a year into development of NHL 15 (still bad what that game was, not saying the thin version was justified). But with Rory having over two years of dev time, no reason why this game shouldn't be completed come next Tuesday.

Despite this though, looking forward to picking up the game next week. Should be a fun one, even despite what isn't going to be in the game at launch. Fully expect a major day one update or at least one soon after.

n4rc1255d ago

Preloaded last night..

Not the greatest news, but I dont really care about true to life courses or players.. Always had a blast playing tiger woods with friends using my created golfer

theXtReMe11255d ago

This is the first golf game I bought and have been excited about in a long time. Not since the 3DO have I been looking forward to a golf game this much. If you watch the videos, the environments now feel alive. With birds flying around, squirells wandering, clouds moving, trees and grass swaying. It makes me very excited to see and play the Hawaiian courses and Northeastern courses in the fall.

The focus on current gen systems has finally brought this game into the next generation, where years prior the game was running on the same engine since the PS2 era, with very minimal updates to visuals and physics, year after year. It made the game feel the same every year, for a very long time. The presentation was horrible and made an already slow experience, boring.

It looks like this year is the start of something special for the series... and hopefully a new era of excellence for EA sports. Im hoping the Madden team also takes a bi-yearly approach to development. With yearly updates to the roster and visual upgrades, then more agressive updates to the bi-yearly release.

EA, as of late, has really been really trying to clean up their reputation and bring the magic back to the name that made them one of the best developers in the 80s and 90s. Lets hope their future remains bright and they dont slip back into the coma that they suffered through in the past 15 years.

Mikeockizard1255d ago

Uggg, after 2 years and they are launching with just 8 real courses and 12 golfers? A whole new high tech engine, yet they somehow manage made it look identical to the old engine? What a disappointment. Can't say I'm surprised, haven't enjoyed this series since it stagnated back in 2004. Looks like they blew their whole load on Rory and didn't have any left for the game...

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