IGN's PlayStation 3 Best of E3 2008 Awards

E3 2008 was certainly an interesting show, with Sony having perhaps the best lineup of the Big Three console makers. IGN saw the single-player debut for Resistance 2, their first good look at Infamous and they were introduced to upcoming titles like MAG and Fat Princess. IGN also had a chance to check out the latest builds of games like MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2.

But let's not forget the third-party stuff. Fallout 3, Prince of Persia, Mirror's Edge, Valkyria Chronicles, Rock Band 2 and much, much more were on display, making IGN clutch their wallets in fear of how much cash they will part with later this year and in early 2009.

But with all of these highlights, which games shined above the rest? That's what IGN is here for - to pick the best of the best. Read on to see their favorite picks from E3 2008, the games that you should put at the forefront of your "Most Wanted" list.

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MK_Red3711d ago

And Fallout 3 wins once again. Best PS3 game of the E3, Best 360 game f... and of course, Best Overall Game of the Show.

Bombibomb3711d ago

LBP won game of the show more times than Fallout 3 did. =)

MK_Red3711d ago

Can you show me how!? Fallout 3 has won 4 GOTSs so far. LBP has won only G4TV's award.

Though both LBP and F3 are classics and GOTY worthy.

Dark vader3711d ago

I am surprise that ign didn't give LBP much love. From their past reviews that i read, they praised the heck out of it.

MK_Red3711d ago

Well, nobody said LBP is anything short of perfection and a true GOTY candidate. The problem is that Fallout 3 is beyond perfection.

Aclay3711d ago

I think you are a little too obsessed with Fallout 3.

MK_Red3711d ago

I am :)
But what's wrong being obsessed with a great game? There are MGS4 fanatics, LBP fanatics out there and I'm a Fallout 3 fanatic.

Plus, it win won in almost every possible category. The game looks phenomenal and is sequel to my all time fave game. Why shouldn't I be excited?

Panthers3711d ago

I never played fallout before, but I dont like how you can target a certain body part. Doesnt that make it too easy?

mepsipax3711d ago

while LBP is at the top of my list of ps3 games I'm getting fallout interests me more, the problem with me and LBP is that IMO it is trying to target the nostalgia center of my brain and I find that exploitation, also I'm not to fond of the upcoming user generated content craze, thats lazy development, but I love first person games that aren't mindless twitch shooters like Halo, COD, resistance, don't get me wrong I still like them it's just that games like Deus Ex and System Shock and now hopefully Fallout 3 are amazing, First person games are the most immersive like the upcoming mirrors edge. And as for having a multiplatform title at the top, who cares? fanboys care and fanboys are ruining the industry, why the hell don't you want the guy who owns a 360 to play a game you want? do you hate him? why can't we all just enjoy the games we play and stop bragging about what games are for what, do you think you're in some exclusive club along with millions of other people just because you own a 360,PS3 or Wii? you argue about hardware i.e blue-ray-hddvd, gpu power, dlc, when all you should care about is the games we play, this is why I miss the golden age of gaming, before the internet was big. I'm really sorry for the rant.

MK_Red3711d ago

Panthers, the body part aiming is actually based on character's skill level / percentage and only for the sake of the E3 demo, every shot hit.
In actual game, everybody part shows a hit chance and it's usually pretty small for head and other critical body parts. Also, the game will have multiple difficulty levels and you can play the game in full real time and no VATS. Finally, there is no level scaling like Oblivion here and there are high level characters that even with help of VATS a low or mid level player character has no chance against.

Thanks mepsipax. Bubbles for you my friend.
I mostly agree with you, specially on the FPS and fanboys part. What's wrong with a multiplatform title winning awards? This way more gamers can enjoy a great game.
As for LBP, I think you're being a bit harsh. The game may focus on user created content but it will ship with many many unique and pre-designed levels and bosses. As for nostalgia thing and exploition, I think as long as there are (exploitive) games like Mega Man 9, Street Fighter 4 and few others that SOLELY focus on nostalgia, we can give LBP a free pass.

incogneato3711d ago

Fallout 3 is not impressing me at all, I don't know why everyone else seems to like it so much.

I also disagree with the best non-playable presentation being FFXIII. MAG's presentation was much cooler. And finally I disagree with the awards Prince of Persia won. That game doesn't look good to me at all.

mepsipax3711d ago

maybe you're just not into that type of game, I know it's you're preference, don't think you have to like it if it doesn't interest you, like I myself, not a big fan of JRPGs, don't care for FF, and didn't care when square said it was going multi, but I did think that FF deserves the non playable presentation award, anyway you're entitled to you're opinion just like IGN is entitled to theirs you don't ahve to agree with it.

Tmac3711d ago

Fallout 3 looks promising, there's no way it's winning GOTY though, have you seen the selection for 2008? Jesus.

Aclay3711d ago

There's nothing wrong with being obsessed with Fallout 3, it looks like a really good game and I'm going to get it on day one... but I just think that there are a bunch of other PS3 games (particularly PS3 exclusives) that deserve best PS3 game of E3 2008.

SL1M DADDY3711d ago

Yeah, Fallout 3 is beyond perfection... 'Cause we all know that in a perfect RPG, whenever you shoot a baddie in the head with a sniper rifle, all of their limbs should go flying off...

Sorry, but as much as I am looking forward to this game, I have to say that I would have selected something else for game of the show.

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happyface3711d ago

best ps3 game is a multiplat?


are ps3 owners and ign just not interested in resistance2?

MK_Red3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Best Xbox 360 game is also a multiplat...

EDIT: lol, now everyone is against IGN. A day ago everyone was like IGN is the best. They gave 10 to MGS4 but today...

poopsack3711d ago

ive seen no insult towards ign here.

Homicide3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Those were some pretty good choices, but I don't agree with Fallout 3 being the Game of the Show. Some of it seemed pretty boring, but I'm definitely checking it out. Valkyria Chronicles deserved to win that artistic design award.

happyface3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

interesting that IGN gave best graphics to GEARS 2

best multiplayer LEFT4DEAD

does IGN have anti ps3 bias?

darkshiz3711d ago

They must think Steroids = graphics.

Homicide3711d ago

IGN are not anti ps3. They gave MGS4 a perfect 10. No 360 exclusive has ever gotten that. As for the awards overall:

Best downloadable game - Fat Princess (PSN)
Best racer - Motorstorm (PS3)

The majority of the winners are multi.

ikiru33853711d ago


MGS4 is an amazing game, but the one who reviewed MGS4 was Jeff Haynes, a member of the ign ps team and a MGS fan, so it's no surprise that it got that score.

Dark vader3711d ago

I don't agree with gears getting the best graphic awards. Its either crysis or killzone.

MK_Red3711d ago

ikiru3385, well, the PS team also chose the best PS3 game of the Show. Each individual team at IGN chooses the games in their platform and PlayStation team chose Fallout 3.

As for best graphics, I agree that Gear 2 shouldn't have been chosen. Either MotorStorm 2 or Killzone 2 should have won the graphics award or even the Mirror's Edge.

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RandalCG3711d ago

Just 4 guys sitting around making up their minds. Unlike WhatIfGaming awards that choose from over ONE thousand initial experts, then the winner.

LittleBigPlanet is the true winner from WhatIfGaming and thats the one I'll take over this crap. Not to say fallout 3 isn't bad, but game of show...hah.

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