Guerrilla Games Needed A 'Strong' But Young Character For PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla's game director Mathijs de Jonge on Guerrilla's inspiriation for Horizon's main female protagonist.

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chrisx1257d ago

Can't wait 4 this game

littlezizu1257d ago

Same here. I hope they release more gameplay video in paris game show.

Dark111257d ago

I honestly don't like her.

Concertoine1257d ago

I didnt like how she was constantly talking/thinking to herself while fighting. Its not a bad idea but its so obnoxious in games these days how characters have to baby the player through basic segments by talking to themselves like madmen.

I like her design though. She's very average looking and believable, not like the post apocalyptic Maybeline models in Gears.

TwoForce1257d ago

So you don't like her because she is Lara Croff rip off ? Ok, then. Don't be forcefull and trolled. That's make you look worse.

TwoForce1257d ago

No, Dark11. I want Aloy to be her personality, not try to copy other famous female characters.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1257d ago

Um what the heck just happened here?

MasterCornholio1257d ago

I know you said before that you found her annoying because she's a women but that really isn't a good reason to dislike her.

Dark111257d ago

Nah i did not say that .. i just prefer female protagonists to be more like Nariko or Anya Stroud and less like the new Lara.

Rimeskeem1257d ago

Geez talk about judging a book by its cover

IamTylerDurden11257d ago

Based on what 10min of gameplay?

I DO like her, she's awesome, her hair is badazz.

Horizon looks incredible.

Dark111257d ago

So you like her Based on 10min of gameplay
but i'm no allowed to dislike her based on the same thing?

LOL you fanboys are funny .. just accept that not everyone like the same things.

MasterCornholio1257d ago


So your saying they are trying to clone Laura Croft with her?


That doesn't make any sense.

FoxyGotGame1257d ago


Based on just 1+ min of game play in that initial Horizon trailer, I liked 'Aloy'. Especially the empathy she showed to the Eco-System. It helps that it instantly clicks with a character you'll be spending hours on hours with in a game. Her hair is "badazz", looked Dread Locked, which suits the 'Earthy' environment perfectly.

The rest of 2015 going through to 2016 is going to be awesome for all gamer's.

curtis921257d ago

What's wrong with hearing her inner monologue? That's one of my favorite things about Batman HUSH... getting to know what bruce wayne is thinking. I like when characters speak to themselves. We all do it... nice narrative.

IamTylerDurden11256d ago


U give 0 reasons not to like her, makes u sound ridiculous and sexist.

Everything GG showed was awesome, it really gave u no reason to dislike her unless it's for sexist or adolescent reasons. Your argument is weak. Stop saying "fanboy" and "you (people)", it makes u seem childish and immature. Good day.

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Spotie1257d ago

Good for you. We do like her. And we like what we've seen of the game. We're not gonna write it off yet.

You already have, so move on.

StrayaKNT1257d ago

Yeah she's honestly the reason why I'm skipping out on this game. I just really really hate her look its a huge let down imo

Nineball21121257d ago

Are you sure that's the reason or is it because you don't have a PS4? Because if that is the reason, you're trolling again.

IamTylerDurden11256d ago

It's easy to skip a game when u don't own the console it's made for...

What didn't u like about her?

Chaosdreams1257d ago

You know nothing Dark11.

See what I did there? (GOT)

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Nodoze1257d ago

It appears I have been underestimating GG for some time. This game looks brilliant!!

TwoForce1257d ago

That's because they hire some of the best developer. A former Bethesda member, lead designer shadow of mordor and one of member who make the best RPG is Witcher 3 developer.

Tdmd1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I think they've got it right! Horizon's lead looks fenomenal! Can't wait to see more of it.

IamTylerDurden11257d ago

Game of show at e3. My most anticipated game, easily.

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