1UP Import Preview: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

For fans of addicting gear-hunt games like Phantasy Star Online and Diablo II, it's a shame that Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable: 2nd G's currently limited to a Japan-only release, as it offers some of the most compelling handheld multiplayer action we've seen on PSP. But that's a familiar problem for Capcom -- games that are popular in Japan, yet struggling to find a foothold here. While the names aren't that big in North America, Sengoku Basara and Monster Hunter are two series with tremendous followings in Japan.

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Bloodshedder3591d ago

i want this gamee i got the patch to be in english but it aint the real thinggg fckn capcom

Dir_en_grey3590d ago

But I have tons of friends still waiting for this game... I'm bored with 2nd now there's 2nd G but it sux that they won't switch over to the Japanese one (well they can't read it...).

Now that is gone... Damn it Capcom WTF are you doing??? Release this in US already and give it some advertisement.

ExcelKnight3590d ago

The no-show of Monster Hunter 3 at E3 pretty much shows how much the commitment Capcom made a while back to promote the Monster Hunter series in North America meant to them.

With 2nd G and Frontier already out and selling like mad in Japan, you'd think either one of them would be a good game to hype up globally before the MH3 release (which is looking to me like a game that'll be just as censored in North America and Europe as the Freedom games have been, IF it's ever released outside of Japan)