Why is the Last Generation Already Being Left Behind?

With the Bioware announcement that new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC won't be available for PS3 or X360, GamersFTW discusses why the last console generation is being left behind so much earlier than the genration before it.

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EchoFyre1229d ago

Honestly it's about time, devs should be solely focusing on getting the most out of next gen consoles and disregarding any time spent developing their games for older systems. Gamers have had plenty of chance to upgrade by now so hopefully this trend will convince those clinging to their old systems to finally upgrade.

SolidGear31229d ago

Yup. I finally upgraded from a PS3 to PS4 on Sunday and am loving it :3

Fro_xoxo1229d ago

congrats, welcome to the new-gen.. enjoy. :)

4Sh0w1228d ago

...already being left behind?

pfft how old are these last gen consoles???...they've been supported plenty compared to past generations.

Master of Unlocking1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

What about people like me who've had some real problems with the past gen of consoles and are wary of buying the new one so soon? Even if I had the money to buy a PS4 right now, which I don't, I had my original 60GB PS3 die on me back then, and even after paying a whopping 150€ to have it repaired, it died on me again a year and a half later. I had to fork out an additional 300€ to buy one of those (back then) new 320GB PS3 with GT5 so I could still play all the fantastic PS3 library.

It is running fine but I don't know if I'll be able to play my system 20 years from now, like I can my Neo Geo AES.

So I think I'll wait a little longer to buy a PS4. Kinda bummed to see the rare few games coming out for the PS3 in 2015 though. Metal Gear Solid V the Phantom Pain is pretty much all I can see.

Yukes1229d ago

The last generation went on for a long time - too long in terms of hardware advancements - and now that we're a good couple of years into this generation it's frankly about time developers attempted to harness the full capability of current gen without dumbing down for compatibility with the previous gen hardware.

uth111229d ago

10 years not long enough for a console generation?

Master of Unlocking1228d ago

Thing is, 10-year-long lifespan is what Sony committed to, but we're not on the PS3's 10-year anniversary, and already the games coming out for it, nevermind the exclusives, are very few and far between.

The system came out in Nov. 2006 in the US & Japan, and March 2007 in Europe, so there should still be games coming out for it in March 2017 if I'm not mistaken.

Scrupuless1227d ago

Do you doubt that there will be games made for ps3 in 2017? Didn't they just stop making games for ps2 like 2 years ago. I don't they promised the ps3 would be the go to machine for then years, simply that they would have some support for it a minimum of 10 years. Which isn't really that long to begin with, never understood all the credence people gave that claim. Of course they are going to support their system for as long as they can profit off of it.

Volkama1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Because it is hard to fit the resources required for a modern game into <512MB RAM without serious compromise to the design.

curtis921229d ago

I always use the pc version of deus ex vs. the ps2 version as the perfect example of compromising because of ram.

GamerGabs1229d ago

It's always sad to see games coming out for consoles that you don't own (I don't have a PS4 or XboxOne) but these newer consoles have been out for a good year now and are deserving of the latest titles. Companies have to make the shift from old to new at some point, and this timing seems about right. Before they perfect the VR tech, they are moving people to their new consoles that can handle it, thus not asking people to buy both the headset and 'newer console' at the same time.

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The story is too old to be commented.