Sega CEO admits a betrayal of trust, aiming to build high quality console games again

Sega’s aiming to rebuild its name and reputation, and that means a refocus on quality when it comes to console games, especially in the West.

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Yi-Long1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

... they have so many great GREAT IPs, yet their business-decision making has been extremely poor at best, ever since the 32x and SegaCD.

It's absolutely amazing to me how they have manage to keep screwing up such a huge potential, time and time again.

It's like the people running the company have absolutely no clue as to which games the gamers want, or how to deliver them.

-Foxtrot1023d ago

Yeah it's been extremely poor. Sonic could have been their number 1 franchise but they exploited it.

Says they want to gain trust with us yet revealed not too long ago


breakpad1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Sonic is by far the best mascot in gaming and the most appealing ...they could start from there but they just need to give Sonic to some serious veteran JAPANESE developers , i repeat JAPANESE developers (aka no princes , no beasts, no human worlds ,...just return to the surreal animal/robot world of the first 2 games)...IMO they can handle it properly and win back the disapointed fans ...

MWH1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

that would be a day to look forward too.

SEGA was known for being a risk taker but after few consecutive fatal decisions they took the back seat ever since. now, not only SEGA's management is poor but I think they don't have the talents to make new AAA games or revive the classics.

ironically, the only way for SEGA to prove themselves again as industry pioneers is by taking a risk, calculated, but a risk nonetheless.

DemonChicken1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Well considering it's coming to TGS, it's probably a Japanese game (at least not another sonic)

But the question is will they localise it? Sega your pretty crap at localising games- the ones I want to throw money at you anyway

Neonridr1023d ago

Start by building a really good Sonic game. Go back to the beginning..

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1023d ago

Or better yet, why not use the plethora of other ips that haven't been done to death?

Neonridr1023d ago

fair enough.

but it shouldn't be so hard to ask for a good sonic game, lol.

Neonridr1023d ago

yeesh.. creepy looking, lol

MasterCornholio1023d ago

Is that scientist suppose to be Eggman/Robotnik?

When the heck did the lardo get extreme liposuction?

-Foxtrot1023d ago


Yeah, pretty much

In the beginning he's called Doctor Ovi Kintobor, a scientist from Earth who comes to Morbius to do his work in peace. He is currently working on a machine to rid the planet of all evil. Retro-Orbital Chaos Compresso or ROCC for short.

He then meets Sonic who here is brown and is lacking his thicker spikes and running shoes.

Ovi becomes intrigued by his claims and does some tests on him to see how fast he can run. Sonic is put onto a Kinetic Gyratoscope which lets him run even faster, to help him even more Ovi gives him some power sneakers which prevent friction allowing him to run even faster then the speed of sound. However the sonic boom he creates shatters the Gyratoscope, it then fuses Sonic's spines and changes the colour of his skin to blue. Resulting in the Sonic we have today.

Sonic and Ovi become good friends and using his speed he asks Sonic to find the Grey Chaos Emerald, the last one he needs to power his machine. In the end Sonic can't locate it as it's with Knuckles.

One day Ovi goes to fix them up some food, Sonic goes into the fridge and only finds a horrible, rotten egg. As he goes to get some salt he accidentally trips on some wires and his hand slams onto the ROCC's machine. The machine explodes bathing Ovi and the egg in chaos energy and turns Ovi into Doctor Ivo Robotnik (name reversed).

After this the freedom fighters are created to fight Robotnik from destroying the planet.

There are a lot of origin stories but this would be my pick for a game.

Later on in the comics you find out the rotten egg and the loose wires Sonic trips on is set up by a future version of Sonic who sets things in motion so Ovi can become Robotnik as he is the only person who can defeat the Brotherhood of Metallix in the future.

Majin-vegeta1023d ago

You can start by giving us a new streets of rage.

Kamikaze1351023d ago

Just give us a proper Sonic game. Sonic Generations was a really nice step forward.

styferion1023d ago

give me a proper next-gen sequel of Valkyria Chronicles please

and while we're at it, localize Valkyria Chronicles 3

Nodoze1023d ago

Give us a Valkyrie collection remastered!!

Day 1 I would buy it.

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