So a guy walks into my shop with an Infinium Phantom console

Ars Technica:

Photos of what may well be a one-of-a-kind vaporware prototype.

Late last week, apparent pictures of a rare Sony/Nintendo "Play Station" SNES CD-ROM prototype surfaced on the Internet, proving that even an unreleased vaporware console can still exist in some physical form. Inspired by that revelation, an Ars reader has come forward with pictures of another physical relic of gaming's vaporware past—a functional prototype of Infinium's infamous Phantom console.

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stuna11135d ago

Now that console was definitely ahead of its time! Future proofed over a decade in advance.

Psygnosis3331135d ago

Its a PC,A motherboard inside you can find on the shelf Nvidia card and inner parts.

AndrewLB1134d ago

I don't think those were the real guts to that console. More than likely that was a case that was mocked up for advertising purposes during development and that stuff was added later.

"Its a PC,A motherboard inside you can find on the shelf Nvidia card and inner parts."


Yep. Just like how in 2005 while I was at the E3 Convention checking out the upcoming Xbox 360, I decided to take myself on a "Behind the Scenes tour" of the Microsoft booth only to discover that none of the 360 consoles being proudly displayed below each demo display actually worked. Turns everyone demo'ing games was playing them on PowerMac G5 systems that were hidden away from prying eyes.

I took this photo as proof.

Sony has done the same as well. Development systems are almost always powerful PC's.

CoryHG1134d ago

this is still done today.

Psygnosis3331134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

It will bottleneck very easely,,design of the console is to be much more eficient as posable,,this is emberesment of a console and lame build and its huge..just build a regular PC it probably will be half expensive then this

Is this a first 'steam machine' ? :)

consoles are computers too... PCs can be 10 times more powerful so if you want to demo a game you want to show game with higher resolution as posible it needs PC for that...Every game is done on a PC

DivoJones1134d ago

Ryse is another example of an E3 game that was advertised as xbox but was running the demo on PC.

Death1134d ago


The G5's you took pictures of are running modified cards that emulate the 360 hardware. These are development kits that can run unsigned code. They perform exactly like the console otherwise they wouldn't be able to use it as a dev unit. After the 360's release we seen the "official" 360 dev or debug units that had the additional connections/hardware attached.

It's not uncommon to see early dev units that look like this. Developers don't actual make console games on consoles. They use PC's. For demonstrations at events they use debug units which look like their console cousins that can run unsigned code. Before those are available they use the PC based dev units.

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XanderZane1134d ago

Yeah, until their executives decided to spend all the investment money on themselves and then jump shit leaving the company in limbo. Then another CEO took over and decided to sell the innovative keyboard only to PC gamers and owners. This system never launched, so they have a very RARE piece of hardware there.

Nonscpo1135d ago

If it isn't confirmed, then for all we know somebody just manufactured it based on old hardware, to get there 15 minutes of fame.

Loktai1134d ago

Could be, or could be some old trade show mockup that ended up in circulation. I mean SOMEONE Would have to have one or two right? I Knew guys who wheeled mainframes out of failing companies on the "last day" so hearing a prototype disappeared only to resurface is not that odd I guess.

Summons751134d ago

Maybe but even if it is fake, it's more believable compared to the painfully fake nintendo playstation....

Honestly this could be fake to ride the tail coat of fake Nintendo guy. Sure is surprising that all these "lost and forgotten" prototypes are being found at the same .

ThatArtGuy1135d ago

3D printing is going to make a lot of this stuff happen...

TeamLeaptrade1135d ago

Oh yeah, I can see people 3D printing all kinds of these in the very near future. I just wonder how good some of the fakes are going to look.

Scatpants1134d ago

I'm hoping to see a lot of custom consoles in the future. If I ever buy a 3D printer I'll make one for sure.

Kingdomcome2471134d ago

Could you 3d print circuitry, graphics cards, etc? It seems you can 3d print just about anything.

ravinash1134d ago

You would need to get an industrial printer that can melt metal.
Can be done, but it would cost thousands.

Kingdomcome2471134d ago

Thanks for the reply rather than a random disagree.

Angeljuice1134d ago

They don't melt metal at all, they print it. The list of printable materials is already quite large and growing all the time.


its pretty obvious when something has been 3d printed, there is a distinct weave you can easily spot in 3d printed objects, it wouldnt look like molded plastic.

mixelon1134d ago

Likely, but this Phantom was originally posted to fb in 2012, and its most likely just legit.

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lol i remember my brother showing me a pic of the phantom in a magazine and i thought it would be the end of time.

Transporter471135d ago

I remember reading this in GameInformer if i'm correct. I actually thought they would release it back when I was younger.

NarooN1134d ago

Yeah, I read about this back in EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly, RIP) in like 2003 or 2004. The thing sounded too good to be true. Turns out it was.

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