Destiny: Weekly Reset 7th July – Big Guns Required

Clipping Error report on the weekly reset in Destiny, covering the Nighfall Strike, Heroic Strike, Prison Of Elders configurations, and vendor inventories.

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krypt19831258d ago

It's bungie day so something special should be going on in destiny today

Software_Lover1258d ago

Playing Destiny (I just bought it last month) has made me realize how much I miss playing SWTOR. I just don't have the time to be at my gaming PC lately. They need to bring that game to consoles. I'm sure it could be done.

DivoJones1258d ago

Looks like it's an Emblem.. with 10 challenges you must complete before it unlocks .. in September. Woot?

ccgr1258d ago

Gotta get back into that one!