NIS’ New RPG Is A PS Vita Remake Of Mobile Game 'Hero Must Die'

Hero Must Die, an RPG led by Shoji Masuda (Oreshika designer) and developed by G Mode for cell phones in 2007, is getting a full remake on PS Vita courtesy of Nippon Ichi Software.

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KryptoniteTail1227d ago

I don't get why more mobile games do not hit Vita. The touchscrren is a perfect fit, Angry Birds is great on Vita.

STK0261227d ago

2 reasons I'd say.

The first one is that mobile games have a bad reputation among many console/handheld owners, despite the fact that some high quality games have made their way to mobile in the last few years. Bad reputation means lower sales. Which would bring me to the second reason.

Vita is simply a minuscule market at the moment compared to either the Android market place or the Apple App store. If you think about it, the Vita has about 10 million units in 4 years on the market, while the iPhone 6 has reached the same milestone in 3 days.

Therefor, releasing a mobile game on the Vita isn't seen as being worth the effort, despite the Vita's strong attach rate.

KryptoniteTail1227d ago

Your first point is unfortunately accurate but I think good games sell themselves, and since some come over I don't see the downside there since porting costs are relatively low.

Your second point is an often argued and perhaps accurate point but it still is not necessarily true even if developers think so. At 10+ million and a high attach rate, if you sell a good game at a good price, hitting an acceptable mark in sales shouldn't be hard, especially for a mere port of a mobile game.

MeteorPanda1227d ago

yay! l hope more move to vita, the console is so much fun to play on, fits well in the hands.. And l kinda have too many memory cards from second hand sites for like 5 dollars so l'm set!