Shadow of the Beast E3 Preview - Wow, surprisingly cool | XGN

XGN: "Can the PlayStation contain enough gory titles? No, of course not! We got a Shadow of the Beast E3 preview, a special indie title in which players must collect as much blood. Nasty shit!"

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Jimboms1260d ago

Im quite impressed by this.

Sm00thop1260d ago

From what I've seen of this game I'm not that impressed at all, it looked like it'll get old quick.

OB1Biker1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

The video from Playstation Access looked very nice..
This is one of my must have games

isarai1260d ago

Was looking forward to this from the start but ws really surprised by how good it actually looked once i seen the gameplay. Love the creative design and combat looks satisfying