Doom's combat - There's more than one way to skin a demon

MWEB GameZone writes: "Some believe the new Doom uses outdated mechanics and complained that the gameplay shown at E3 'felt scripted'.

Here is why the new Doom's combat is deeper than just strafing and following a single path."

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HoldenZA1174d ago

Very cool.

This game is looking epic!

HanCilliers1174d ago

I don't see why people complained to start with, the combat looks like what we expect from a Doom game.

Sillicur1174d ago

Guess people will complain about just about anything these days

schmoe1174d ago

That is not true, i do not like the way you just agreed with her!

ZombieDreddZA1174d ago

I'm just looking forward to some old school Doom action.

Sillicur1174d ago

Same, maybe STRAFE will come out in the meantime to satisfy my urges for bloodletting :)

SonZeRo1174d ago

Looks good, wonder what the "story" will be like.

Sillicur1174d ago

Im wondering that myself, but on the other hand, the story isnt very important for me :)

CorndogBurglar1174d ago

I'm assuming you play a space marine that is assigned to a Mars installation. No one really knows why they are there aside from the scientists. Scientists accidentally open a portal to Hell. Demons begin entering the installation and killing everything. Our job is to kill anything that moves while trying to find a way off the installation while also ensuring the demons do not find a way to Earth.

Standard Doom stuff. And I would perfectly happy with that.

Paul851174d ago

So excited for this game, just need to figure out what system i want to play it on.

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