Kingdom Hearts 3 Dev Reveals Keyblade Transformations, Secret Movie, New Info

Kingdom Hearts III director, Tetsuya Nomura, was in a recent interview with Famitsu magazine. He talked about several topics while focusing specifically on the new Keyblade transformations and how the gameplay changes respectively, the game’s timeline and other new stuff involving Kingdom Hearts III, the highly desired Disney-RPG.

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Mostafeto871d ago

I am excited to see more about that secret movie he mentioned. That would be awesome and an Box Office hit haha just imagine how many Kingdom Hearts fans are out there.

Zero109871d ago

I hope Riku is playable

Billybobjoey871d ago

I would love to play as Ventus again. Same with the rest of the 7 Guardians of light.

Mostafeto870d ago

Why not all ? I hope everybody is playable as I love them all

ThatOneRiggaNob871d ago

I feel you on that comment but at the same time I'm just happy we know it's coming this gen and not skipping another.

Mostafeto870d ago

I wanted a release date too you know

KimikoGaming871d ago

I hope that all of the guardians of light are playable.

I also hope the secret movie gives an insight to what type of villain we might be seeing after the Xehanort saga is over.

DualWielding871d ago

I do hope too, but 7 playable characters seems like too much

KimikoGaming871d ago

You should play 358/2 days

Mostafeto870d ago

I am more than excited to see even 5 seconds of this movie as a teaser trailer.