343 Studio Head Clarifies and Defends Halo 5: Guardians’ Spartan Customization

343 studio head Josh Holmes on the Halo 5 Spartan customization options compared to Halo Reach and the reason why 343 decided to limit the amount of options.

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Septic1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

So basically less customisation really. They'll just change the patterns and skins but don't expect new addons and actual armour pieces. Kinda disappointing, even though most people elect for standard spartan outfits. I always liked the crazier armour permutations.

So the current system is like CS:GO. Well let's see what their designs are like. At least we don't have to worry about designs that extend greatly over hitboxes. I thought the Reach armour permutations were mostly rubbish. Although you had to reach some crazy levels to get the more unique ones.

Also I wonder what's happening with Forge in this?

VER1ON1107d ago

I believe that in an interview with IGN Holmes stated that Forge will be improved and will make use of multiple palettes, terrain sheets, and lighting set-ups. Also usability will be improved.

Septic1107d ago

Ah thanks for that. They've shown very little of it but maybe they will at Gamescom.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1107d ago

As long as I can use my Spartan Locke armor set which im getting from my pre-order from Game. I could care less about anything else lool

I cant wait to play Warzone!!!! OMG im far too anxious for this game. I was so addicted to the beta couldnt stop playing it.Its killed MCC for me I just refuse to play it, it feels soooo inferior.

3-4-51107d ago

* So all the cool stuff they added in Reach that I liked a lot is being removed for this game ?

k not all...but more customization is usually a way to keep people playing " just one more".....not the only way but one of.

ScorpiusX1107d ago

I could careless for this dribble customization crap , just give me halo with massive maps, a great story & awesome Multi player we are fine .

Eterna1Ice1107d ago

Well, i loved Reach for its big customization options (not only for that, obviously). Unfortunately 343 doesn't seem to follow the idea of your own embodiment.

VER1ON1107d ago

I'm sure no one will take about this when Halo 5 launches.

urwifeminder1107d ago

Less time spent in sub menu is win imo getting sick of tech trees, gun unlocks ,armour unlocks, magic unlocks crafting sessions in games its getting ridiculous.

VER1ON1107d ago

I guess I have to agree with you. There are titles I get real anxious from all the different loadouts etc. Just lock and load.

FlexLuger1107d ago


Your comment reminds me of what I do when Im playing BF4 (which is like... every other day). I probably spend a lot of time changing up my guns and equipment. But I wouldnt have it any other way. That said Im glad halo has always shunned that level of weapon customization. Halo is a finely tuned thing. Its so raw in the way it approaches gameplay and skill. It gives you little except enough to be competitive; your armour, abilities and a BR/DMR. and advantages like power weapons, have to be fought for in the first place. Things like varying scopes would dilute that experience.

But visual armour customisation, im all for. camos, decals, helmets and armour pieces. in the end we all get painted red or blue but differing helmets and armour add a little character, when there are plenty of options.

But as long as my EVA and scout helmets are in, im happy.

1107d ago