Iorveth and Saskia Are Both Safe & Alive In The Witcher 3

Asidcast: I've finished Witcher 3 twice by now but one question that kept annoying me throughout the entire game was where the hell was Iorveth and Saskia in the game? And there were even rumours that Iorveth might actually be dead since some Dwarf in the game seems to believe so. Iorveth, while he wasn't my first or last choice to go with in Witcher 2, was still an amazing character and was very much missed in the Witcher 3, however, it seems like they're both safe and sound, at least if we're to believe Marcin Momot who's the Community Lead and Website Coordinator at CD Projekt Red. In a recent tweet by Marcin, he reassured a fan who was asking for their whereabouts and health that they're both very much alive and safe.

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FoxyGotGame990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Is that a SPOILER in the title of the article?

Edited ...

Being that I'm new to The Witcher Series I don't want to know certain details. I'd like to learn them for myself thanks ;/

pasta_spice990d ago

Not to be a dick but you have had 5 years to play Witcher 2 and find out. Its not like its a new spoiler or anything.

FoxyGotGame990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

I don't think any gamer should be subjected to spoilers just because they're playing catch up or late to play the game. Should I write an article a few weeks prior, to or post launch with a headline (potentially) spoiling Uncharted 2 because 360 owners did not have PS3, and may soon possibly purchase 'The Nathan Drake Collection' as new owners of more recent PS Consoles?

On the flip side, what about those who may have only had PS3 last gen (for whatever reason), and are just now introduced to Witcher lore because of Witcher 3 on PS4? ...Please don't play the Devils Advocate or Defend this thoughtless submission.

Irishguy95990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Not really, because they aren't really in the game.

For 1: You have to play there witcher 2 or else they are definitely alive.

2: You didn't play the witcher 2 so it doesn't matter to you.

All major characters from Witcher 2 come back unless you killed them in Witcher 2. Saskia and Iorvath were missing for some reason. Seems like DLC is the reason here you know? Eh i'm okay with that I guess. I hope the DLC is good. Good quests I mean.

You should look over W2's storyline on youtube or something to see their relevance to that game. It is quite sad they didn't return for W3 main story for a good few reasons.

The reason the article is sayign this is because people whop have played W3 are like "Where the **** are these two characters"

poppinslops990d ago

Yeah, please stop posting these details... plenty of us are yet to finish the game, so we don't want to know what your favourite mission was, or who's alive or dead.

Bolts990d ago

This guy is a total asshole. Who approved this crap? What's next N4G. Articles detailing who died in Game of Thrones?

zeal0us990d ago

Well I was going to finish Iorveth storyline in Witcher 2 but now nope

Grievous990d ago

Erhm it completely depends on the choices you made in Witcher 2. At least for Saskia.