Final Fantasy VII Remake Cannot Move Away from the Turn-Based Combat

SegmentNext - The arena was home to the harrowing sounds of cheers and screams of joy when the central screen filled with footage of what is now known as the first trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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KingKelloggTheWH1137d ago

Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game ever, but really I don't really care if it is turn based. I've heard some extremist fans say "It needs to be turn based" but really, did you play the game for the turn based gameplay?

I sure as heck did not, I played it for the characters, the world the awesome story. Sure I liked the materia system but it could just as easily be in an ARPG.

Also, assuming it wil play like XII or XIII is pretty weird, it will more likely play like Versus 13 was going to, you know a toned down KH with awesome character switching with different gameplay styles, and honestly that sounds friggen awesome to me.

NoremacTheGamer1137d ago

Agreed 100%
We'll see how it all plays out :)

1137d ago
Army_of_Darkness1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Taking away the turned base battle system will make it feel like a different final Fantasy game altogether cause if you haven't noticed, every final Fantasy game has a different type of gameplay and battle system, so I can already see that if it plays like ff 15 for example, it's not going to feel anything like ff7,which is turned based and using ALL your characters that are in battle, not relying on AI to do the work for you like ff13 which was the worse ff game.

kayoss1137d ago

With summons and how the materia system works. I don't see how they will make it other than turned base.

ShinnokDrako1137d ago

I played FFVII a lot and what i really liked was the turn based combat. That's why i'd prefer it like it was. But that's just me, i don't know if i would like it action style, maybe yes. Let's say this: i liked the turn based combat, i know i still like it, so i'm going to like FFVII. On the other hand, i don't really know how it would be if it became an ARPG, so there are chances that i'll like it but there are more chances i won't. That's why i'd like it turn based, but i repeat, it's just my opinion. Who knows, maybe changing it will be more gorgeous but that's all in the "unknown".

filipakos1137d ago

Crisis core gameplay was also amazing.I would also prefer ff15 battle system. I really liked turn based back in the day but nowdays its about money and an action rpg will be more appealing i guess.

Ahmay1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

off topic...
Ni No Kuni's battle system I think is good.

filipakos1137d ago

Crisis core is also ffvii its not off topic

jannytime1137d ago

Why in fucks name would it not be turned based? Have you people lost your minds ? This shouldn't even be a discussion. If by some ridiculous off chance that game becomes non-turned based I will lose my mind and never buy a square game again. The original was turn based, remake HAS to be turned based, simple as that.

MyDietEqualsGames1137d ago

if it is turned based, it needs to feel faster, more brutal and the AI needs it be turned up to 11. That is my only wish should they stay turned based.

Fights/Battles should feel like work, especially boss fights. They also need to counteract against OP materia combos so the game isn't cheesed as heavily as the current incarnation is.

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llxKonanxll1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I can see the world map playing like Final Fantasy 15. But the battle system will stay the same. I'd bet on it.

ninsigma1137d ago

I wouldn't take that bet if I were you.

"“We can’t have these upgraded, beautiful 3D models of Cloud and Barrett, still lining up in a row, jumping forward to attack an enemy, then jumping back to wait for their next turn,” Nomura said.

“That would be bizarre. Of course there will likely be changes there.”"

It's looking like a move from turn based. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just gotta wait and see how they implement it.

kevnb1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

That doesn't mean they will change it from being turn based, I could see them changing up the presentation of it all though. I mean the big thing is that they just stand there then jump over to the enemy and then jump back, they don't have to change the core gameplay to fix that.

ninsigma1137d ago

I don't know how you could take that as anything else than moving from turn based. He says they can't have them lining up and jumping forward to attack. I'm going to put my money on an ff15 style combat altered to be like advent children.

kevnb1137d ago

What did they do in final fantasy 13? That was technically still turn based but didn't involve people standing around then jumping back and forth...

ninsigma1137d ago

They're still just standing there only in a 3d space instead of 2d with some standing animations.

I'm not saying you're wrong because obviously I know as much as you or anyone else. But going by his statement I'm fairly sure they're going to go the real time route.

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LostDjinn1137d ago

I would like to formally apologise for accidentally approving this crap.
In attempting to see who was responsible for it's approvals I hit approve. If you care to check he approvals you'll see that the site in question had it's staff approve it (most of the approvals it received actually). Please be sure to let the site and it's staff know how you feel about being treated as idiots.

OT: This is nothing more than the worst type of hit whoring. *smh*

LostDjinn1137d ago

Not once it's (the piece) approved. Mine was the vote that okayed this drivel.

kevnb1137d ago

That's what final fantasy 7 is.

Spotie1137d ago

No, it isn't. I never even thought about whether or not it was turn based when I played it. My focus is on the story and characters, how well-crafted the world is. That's what I play JRPGs for. I couldn't care less about the battle system, so long as it isn't complete garbage.

It's not the battle system I care about when playing Kingdom Hearts, or Persona, or Tales, or Star Ocean, or Legend of Dragoon, or Lost Odyssey, or Devil Survivor, or anything else JRPG. I might note them if they're fun, interesting, or unique in some way(Omega Quintet's battle system is pretty fun, even if the story isn't all that great), but they're never the focus of my attention when playing.

I think it's fine to prefer turn based, but if that's most of what you're looking forward to in this remake, your priorities are in the wrong place.

kevnb1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

let me get this straight, because you personally ignore the core gameplay of most jrpgs the core gameplay doesnt define them at all? Final Fantasy 7 is a turn based jrpg, how can anybody say it isnt? If you completely change the core gameplay then it isnt the same game anymore.

Spotie1137d ago

But JRPGs can live without that "core" gameplay. They can even be popular. Many of the games I've listed- and plenty I didn't- prove just that.

You know what a JRPG can't have?

Crappy stories and characters. Nobody in their right minds will play an rpg with a mediocre story just because it's turn based. People WILL play a game with an average battle system for the story, though.

And while you say "most" JRPGs, isn't that a loaded statement, since most JRPGs were made at a time when action wasn't possible? Aren't many- if not most- games in the genre these days being made with an action based battle system?

Question: would you give a damn about VII if the characters were all bland and the story didn't even make sense? Would the game stop being good if the battle system were action based and implemented well?

kevnb1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

i liked final fantasy 12 quite a bit if that's what you are asking. And if they changed the battle system to an action based system it just wouldn't be the same game anymore, fans want a remake that will be true to the original. Dont get me wrong, final fantasy 15 looks awesome, but i want final fantasy 7 to still play like final fantasy 7...

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