Gamer 2.0 PixelJunk Eden Impressions

Gamer 2.0 writes: "It certainly seems that what Q Games has done to the platforming genre with PixelJunk Eden is similar to what Lumines did for the puzzle genre a few years ago, which is give it a striking visual style, a great beat, and keep the gameplay simple enough so that the whole game can become an experience itself. Besides just everything mentioned here, Eden's doing a few new things that few PS3 games, if any, actually can do right now. Eden's the first PS3 game to launch with trophies out of the gate, which should be a good thing for those that have plowed through Super Stardust HD already. PixelJunk Eden's also the first PS3 game to feature the new YouTube recording feature, which lets you record up to 10 minutes of gameplay to either save to your hard drive or upload straight to YouTube to share your gameplay secrets with the world. Besides those two main features, Eden also supports remote play to let you bring your garden adventures on the road. It looks like PixelJunk Eden will be a very robust experience, maybe more so than most would think at first glance, but you should be happy to know that it'll be out July 31 on the PlayStation Store with a demo already out at this moment."

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TheWickedOne3706d ago

how can something so simple, be so much fun. I loved the demo. Very relaxing.

buckethead_X3706d ago

was amazing. This game is made of pure win. It's so simple, yet your skill really increases and allows you to do better maneuvers with greater ease and go at a faster speed. You can go back to find all the Spectres (I think), creating a huge replay value and causes your Eden to flourish. Combine that with cool art, great graphics, trophies, video recording, in-game xmb, and a low pricetag, and you have yourself a first-day buy right there :D