Dragon’s Dogma Online For PS4, PS3 and PC Gets New Trailers: Show Opening Video, Pawns and More

With Dragon’s Dogma Online‘s closed beta starting today for PS4, PS3 and PC, Capcom opened the floodgates, showing part of the game for those that have been left out or simply don’t live in Japan and don’t want to tangle with VPN or proxies.

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ThatOneRiggaNob1174d ago

This game needs to come to the West bad! I've wanted this game since the first time it was announced. Huge fan of the first game and now they make an mmo out of it? That's an instant buy for me.

camel_toad1174d ago

Yeh its bugging the hell out of me they havent announced a Western release. Im sure itll happen but I need confirmation!

joab7771174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Until I see a western release, this is just torture. I really don't understand either, with all the success western style rpgs have had including DD1.

And this game looks almost identical to Dragons Dogma. I wonder how mmo-ish it will be?

joab7771174d ago

I wonder though, if it releases as a digital option, we should be able to buy it with a Japanese account, right?

slappy5081174d ago

I don't understand why this is japan only ATM? Surely there's a much bigger market in the west, the combat looks awesome.

Nodoze1174d ago

Dragons Dogma was a surprise gem last gen. I went in not expecting much, and was very pleasantly surprised.

This looks good. Some of the textures need some work, but online + dogma = yes please.

SilverClock1173d ago

The last video is the only one worth watching FYI. I loved playing as a Sorcerer in Dogma. I hope I can continue to use the top tier spells in the MMO..because spells like High Maelstrom were pretty epic.