Opinion: The Superman License Is Just What Rocksteady Needs To Break Out Of Their Formula

"With Batman: Arkham Knight now in the hands of players (at least those on consoles), speculation about what developer Rocksteady might be tackling next is sprouting up all over the place. Unsurprisingly, fans have jumped at the idea that the studio’s next title will see players take control of the Man of Steel." -Fergus Halliday (Resident Entertainment)

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mkis0071174d ago

I think it could be what proves the studio has what it takes. But I still don't think it will be possible to make a good superman game. He can do way too much.

ArchangelMike1174d ago

Yeah a Superman game is broken before you even start. You'd have to take all his powers away to make him playable. Give him flight and all his powers, and you practically have to make a completely destructable open whole-world game. I don't know whose got the resources to make that game right now.

1174d ago
morganfell1174d ago

"You'd have to take all his powers away to make him playable."

And then of course, just like Batman, Rocksteady would rob you of the satisfaction you have from long work to obtain the upgrades and new powers by instantly giving the bad guys kryptonite guns and kryptonite underwear.

That is why in Arkham games it is best just to go straight through the story minimal upgrades. Rocksteady are just going to screw you for the hard work you did to upgrade.

mkis0071173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Dragon: but what about when your just flying around? The only challenges will be when your fighting these guys directly?

If they did batman beyond we could get our flight though!

crimsonfox1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I don't think a Superman game would be fun at all. I generally don't enjoy him as a character personally. I want Rocksteady to do something unexpected.

robtion1174d ago

I agree their talent would be much better put to use on an original new ip.

Dannycr1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

The problem with Superman is that it will not involve that many aspects of him. Superman may be ultra smart (it is likely that he may possess even more knowledge of many different things than Batman does) and have detective skills, but it is about his powers, unlike Batman in which Rocksteady capitalized on every single thing that made Batman Batman: his unparallel detective skills, scientific knowledge, fighting skills, stealth skills and gadgets. They all played an integral part of the gameplay in all 4 games.

In a Superman game, I do no see what else, besides his Superpowers could they transform into a cool mechanic like the detective mode. I guess X-Ray will function, but why would Superman need to be stealthy with humans with guns? lol

I see Superman in a more "Infamous" or "Spiderman 2" kind of game.

I'd love to see a Superman game with the quality, attention to detail and care for it's lore that Rockstead had for Batman. Sups deserves a good game and I would absolutely love to be able to wield that kind of power in a game.

fermcr1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

ENOUGH with superheroes. Everywhere we look there are superheroes... Movies, games, TV, etc. It's becoming tiresome...

Rocksteady should do a new IP.

Antifan1174d ago

My god, just do it already. Superman returns was half-decent. The only thing it lacked was more classic villains and a story. The flying just by itself was fun. JUST DO IT!!

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