Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water should have been playable at E3 2015

With Fatal Frame being a more unusual property, one would think Nintendo would want to show it off. The company would want hands-on experiences and responses from E3 2015 attendees to hype the game up and get people excited. This was an opportunity for the company to get more people excited about the console and a future game, and it feels like it’s been squandered.

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HammockGames1258d ago

Bummer. The Fatal Frame series usually satisfies.

The Wii U could use some positive buzz, and imho this would helped.

LgbtWarrior1258d ago

Nintendo needs a serious shake up in management.

ZeekQuattro1258d ago

I want the game but I doubt this would of made a difference at E3. Lets be realistic here.

Loadedklip1258d ago

It's a game we knew about so it wouldn't have made a big difference as you said but every little bit helps.

At least make the statement stronger that the rest of 2015 has some good to great games even if 2016 is a huge question mark for the Wii U.

HammockGames1258d ago

@ Zeek and Loaded

Agreed fellas. Wouldn't have made a major difference.

But anything would have been welcome in the desertlike conditions of Nintendo's E3 for Wii U owners. All that was missing was the tumbleweeds.

Loadedklip1258d ago

The game seems to actually use the gamepad in actual GOOD unique ways as well. I don't know why this wasn't there nor was Devil's Third.

Nintendo doesn't push the little third party support they get (yes I understand Nintendo has co-owns the IP but I mean the developer making the game).

Nintendo imo still is one of the best publisher of quality games but business wise ... they make so many decisions that are hard to understand.

Shinox1258d ago

"Fatal Frame 4 and 5 and should have been on all consoles"

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The story is too old to be commented.