EA Access Now Available in Microsoft Store and 4 Steps To Turn Off Auto Renew Option

If you are a member of EA Access and want to turn off the auto renew option, Gaming Target has the steps you need to do that.

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abradley1259d ago

Four steps! Surely it's yes or no?

ScorpiusX1259d ago

it may be ,but am guessing one is to verify, one to make sure and the final to cancel . lol

abradley1258d ago

That by the way is three. Is there a fourth making sure you absolutely want to stop paying a subscription for old content that can be had for a fraction of the cost elsewhere?

RobLoPR1259d ago

EA Access is awesome in my opinion... cabt wait to see what theyll add during the holidays.

lemoncake1259d ago

Yeah ea access has been great, with five day early access to star wars battlefront this holiday there's no way I am going to be cancelling it!

battlegrog1259d ago

In the store eh and I assume This is just part of the process of the entire xbox brand going to pc.

So I assume you get EA acess from the store and it launches off the xbox app.

Lonnie181259d ago

If X1 is going backward compatiblity what is the point of EA Access?

tinynuggins1259d ago

EA access is for current gen games while backwards compatibility is so you can play your xbox360 games on your x1.