Ubisoft: Taking on Watch Dogs Was "A Bit Too Much"

In a recent interview, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot pointed out that he believed that Ubisoft had perhaps taken on a bit too much with Watch Dogs. He noted that the game was "so complex" that it could have been too much for a first iteration of a new franchise.

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theXtReMe11170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

No, what they did was lay a solid foundation on which to build the future franchise from. The game was good and was fun. It just didnt meet the graphical expectations set by a target render video. Now, that they have the code there for the next iteration, and the knowledge of a few next gen games behind them... I can only imagine the future is pretty bright for the franchise.

They just need to keep the publics expectations in check and not promise what they cant achieve. If they aim low and achieve higher, they can amaze the public. If you aim high and dont meet expectations, that is when you disappoint.

Words Ubisoft should probably live by from here on out. Ubisoft has all of the money and talent in the world, to make great games. Unfortunately, it seems release dates and sales goals are more important to them, than quality control... at least in the publics eye. So, fix what is broken internally... and you can start to change your image externally.

spacedelete1170d ago

its an industry problem not just a Ubisoft problem.

theXtReMe11170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Agreed. Though, Ubisoft seems to be leading the pack, with a string of misfortunes dating back to Call Of Duty 2, when they were sued by the European Union for false advertising when a commercial claimed that the CGI footage shown was in game. Then came issues with Far Cry and Far Cry 2, where save files mysteriously disappeared after 20+ hours of gameplay and many other glitches forced gamers to start questioning their ethics. Lets not pretend that this is something new for Ubisoft, as theyve been showing target rendered footage and claiming it as in game, pretty much since their inception. They arent the only company that does this, but they are the modt transparent.

Yet, it took them until Watchdogs to finally admit it and change their internal policies on the matter? Some 20+ years later? Talking about shady business practices. I imagine the Ubisoft break room probably has a gun based game that they developed, that allows the employees to fire upon consumers. With the most popular complaints they hear on their forums being screamed out, to give more incentive to kill them. LoL.

This same thing, too many titles releasing with little quality control, is what started the downward slope that caused the videogame crash of the 1980s. But, it was that very crash that caused companies like Nintendo to surface and have strict guidlines as to who can publish a game and at what standard. Which is exactly what the industry needs right now. The problem is, there is no governing entity looking over and policing these publishers... So, they can do pretty much anything they want... with little retrobution, and until that happens I fear that the same cycle will continue until the government or gamers themselves hold these companies liable for their actions.

mikel10151170d ago

Here comes the cycle.

Game is announced-

Game is hyped-

Game comes out to mediocre reception-

Game is defended by company-

Game in that series is coming soon-

Apologize for mistakes in the last game, say they will fix everything-


quantumofmalice1170d ago

Yea already repeated with The Division.
I was 100% hyped with the first trailer and 100% nostalgic for my PS2 with the latest videos.

HRoach6161170d ago

It wasn't that bad lol just not as good as they initially showed. Majorly in fact. But it still looks decent. It looks like a blast to play though. I'm still stoked to play it.

starchild1170d ago

What a ridiculous comment. If you think The Division looks like a PS2 game then you must have very poor vision. Hell, there's not even any 360 or PS3 game with that geometric complexity, scale, lighting, etc. I agree the recent demo didn't look as good as the first demo, but then again it's snowing in the newer demo and the sky is completely overcast which makes the lighting appear flatter.

I'll hold out judgement until I can actually see a variety of different areas in the game under different lighting conditions.

Meltic1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

ubisoft that did WD didnt do the division. The division is from Ubisoft massive Entertainment ( a Swedish Company in malmo) and WD team was Ubisoft montreul a france / English Company). Two diffrent teams and people.

I agree that both WD and The division isn't as Sharp as what they have shown Before , but these games isnt the only ones. There is other devs that have done the same thing. The witcher 3 for example was downgraded or changed.

terminallyCapricious1170d ago

Oh man. Its just so much work and effort. Simply to big for 300-400 person development teams even though teams with way smaller size and budget seem to surpass almost every game you've made in the past 4 years in both graphics and content.

MilkMan1170d ago

What they should have done is watched the show more and taken the bits that worked and tossed the rest. You would have had bonified hit.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1169d ago

Aim big. If you miss your mark try again.