Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Agrees With Fan Criticisms, To Make Changes in Next Game

In a recent interview with Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi, the director shared some fan feedback that he has been receiving regarding the newly released title.

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BenRage31079d ago

At least Takahashi is taking the criticism seriously. Always a good sign.

3-4-51078d ago

Good to know there is a next game as well....

Xenoblade NX!

RPGrinder1079d ago

The game has gotten mostly very very positive reviews in Japan

Emme1079d ago

Uuuuuuuh, okayyy, too small font used can seriously harm my experience, it surely did in Skyrim and Dragon Age, I am sitting at 2.50 m from my Tv (40 inch).

MilkMan1079d ago

Cant they patch some of this?

MikleDemi1079d ago

Good for them.

I for one will be buying this thing and Mario Maker as soon as I see them.

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