FIFA 16: These Are The Players Fans Want EA To Upgrade

Fifa 16 will come out this year and fans are suggesting which players they want to see upgraded. A list was shared on Reddit.

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Yi-Long1233d ago

Not sure why the author thinks Robin van Persie needs an upgrade, cause he's been pretty overpowered for quite some years already, compared to his real-life performances... and he just had a terrible season so I doubt they'll increase his stats.

Jethro Willems is a player who was one of the best players in the Eredivisie last season (and before that), and definitely belongs among the best backs in the game...

Gudelj (former AZ, now moved to Ajax) also could use an upgrade in stats, and Ziyech (FC Twente) has been tremendous last season, so same goes for him.

Coquelin should get a big upgrade as well.

Thefreeman0121233d ago

I'm not so much worried about the players as I am the game modes. Was just wishing virtual pro would make a return. It was a nice feature to scan yourself and a buddy in.

Manager mode needs a lot of fixing up

mitford1233d ago

aaron cresswell needs a big upgrade still only 71 rated and one of the best left backs in the league last season

Baka-akaB1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Uh ? A bunch of these are already overpowered as it is . A guy like Herrera basically hits 86 , and with extraordinary circumstances even 89 (while starting already quite high at 79) in a couple years in manager modes .

He got potential and seems talented , but he hasnt shown enough to warrant that kind of status .

The problem is more with a few teams in considered less important championships and national leagues , with players not even getting their face modelised , and getting crappy sometimes underserved stats .

Like Monaco two years in row , where Fifa mostly only cared about Falcao and James