The Witcher 3 Patch Saga: Proof You Should Wait To Buy?

With Patch 1.07, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt should finally become the gem it was supposed to be at launch. It makes the day-one purchase iffy, right?

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Trekster_Gamer1253d ago

My son bought it day one. A few glitches here and there, but nothing close to a game breaker.

Saying that games should NOT have to be patched this much after the release date.

rdgneoz31253d ago

This patch seems less about game breaking bugs and more about adding things people complained about. Changes to their design choices, which were not bugs at all...

"the new patch from CD Projekt Red will deliver player stashes, an optional movement response for Geralt, improved horse controls, a ton of positive inventory alterations (like Alchemy and Crafting supplies no longer count toward overall weight"

Paulino301253d ago

If that's the case I'm in trouble. I finally gave in after 60 hours of dealing with crashes and game freezing. its a shame cause I like the witcher series story and lore so much. Smh

starchild1253d ago

I've played it since day one and I've had no real issues.

Tip for anyone playing this on a gsync monitor: set pre-rendered frames to 1 in the Nvidia Control gives you a perfectly smooth framerate.

hirobrotagonist1253d ago

A lot of these issues are design choices and CDPR is not obligated to patch them, be thankful they are. They could choose to release the game as is and offer minimal support. I applaud how they've handled the release of the Witcher 3, the graphics are almost on par with the E3 video now.

Thefreeman0121253d ago

I'm starting to wait a couple months after games come out to buy them. I have such a backlog it doesnt matter anyways. The only Dayo 1 games I've preordered are fallout 4 pipboy edition bc its limited.

usually everything drops by $10+ by the time im ready to play

22CobraKing1253d ago

It's worth to have since day 1. These patches are fixing things players want and adding some new stuff. I don't regret buying it day one.

Eidolon1253d ago

I got it a few days after the first patch, completely worth it, no game breaking issues or maybe it was so good of a game I didn't notice.

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The story is too old to be commented.