Play Marvel Heroes, win cash in big $25,000 giveaway

Coming off of a month-long celebration of its second anniversary, Marvel Heroes and its players are about to enjoy a different kind of event. During the anniversary revelry, players were given a free hero, a free pet, and a free team-up in addition to big sales and the mega Big Ten event. Starting on July 8, players will have a chance to win real money just by logging in and playing Marvel Heroes.

Gazillion Entertainment revealed to Inquisitr today that starting on July 8, players that log in to Marvel Heroes and play are eligible to win money during the Marvel Heroes 2015 $25,000 Giveaway. For the next several weeks, players will have a chance to find five of the “incredibly rare” Vibranium Ticket drops. Each one of these tickets is worth $5,000, and they are expected to drop randomly during the event.

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