3 Missing PlayStation 4 Games We Need ASAP

"Every year at E3 there are a few crazy surprises and a few glaring absences. This year Sony filled in a few of those holes with a few of their crazy surprises and pulled out a hat trick by announcing a trio of long awaited titles in rapid succession: The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3, and a Final Fantasy VII remake. This got me thinking about what three games I would have loved to see make a surprise appearance (although I did win a few bets when The Last Guardian showed up). So here they are in order of desire, along with my best guess as to when we might see them show up. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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ninsigma1233d ago

I really hope level 5s new ps4 game is no no kuni 2. I know it's rumoured but I won't believe it until they officially announce it. The first was so good and such a surprise! I loved the game from start to finish. Had some great characters!!

joab7771233d ago

Me too. Add one more to the list. A true console sequel to one of my favorite games last gen. Valkyria Chronicles 2.

LAWSON721233d ago

It can't be called VK2 because that already exists, however I agree a true successor needs to happen.

breakpad1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Are they serious ???Neither im missing these games , neither i need them i dont need at all Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Hearthstone ..lame games generally

Inzo1233d ago

1. GOW4
2. GOW4
3. GOW4

GreenUp1233d ago

SOCOM Remastered, SOCOM 2 Remastered, SOCOM 3 Remastered. There. Done. Simple.

joab7771233d ago

I know this isn't Sony, but anytime I see remasters, I must say Bioshock. C'mon now? All 3 of them remastered w dlc.

Can you imagine a 1080/60 revisit?

ninsigma1233d ago

While it would be awesome for that to happen I've always felt they didn't need a remaster as the looked and played amazingly as it is. Now a new game for the current generation is something I would be all over!