PS Plus July 2015 Games Are Now Live, You'll Just Have to Search for Them

This month's PS Plus games have gone live a little earlier than usual for those in Europe.

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JMaine5181080d ago

I don't think this works for US. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

chrish19901080d ago

I can't comment personally as I'm in Europe, but maybe try a search? The excerpt up top has been changed to reflect it's currently only the EU.

mikeslemonade1079d ago

Dammit! I had all month download the free games but I procrastinated and probably have missed last months.

Old_Prodigy1079d ago

@mikeslemonade: I used to do that, but I started doing it from the web browser store.

Crazyglues1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

@ mikeslemonade

yeah I'm sorry but there is no excuse for you - it takes two seconds to log into the store from the web, it's a click away - https://store.sonyentertain...

And you don't even have to download it now.. you just add to cart, check out and your done, you can download it on your PS4 whenever ever you want, now - later - 3 months from now - it's yours free for as long as your a plus member.. (and it's now in your library forever)

That's all I do now, is hit the site, add to cart, check out and I'm done, I have a long list of the free games, some I download to my PS4 some I just leave there to get to when I have more free time, it's always in the library for download whenever I'm ready)

I'm sorry there just is no excuse now for missing the monthly games... None..

pivotplease1079d ago

Yeah I missed a couple a few years back but since I switched to using the web I've been able to get all games for all systems without a hitch. Otherwise you would have to log in on all three systems and that could be inconvenient for sure.

mikeslemonade1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

I'm trying it on mobile right now and it's just too slow and buggy. It just hangs forever when I try to sign in.

Azmatik1079d ago

Have you not noticed you can click "add to library" without downloading... atleast I know on the PS4 u can do that.

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itsjustexuma1080d ago

This is only happening in Europe

sinncross1080d ago

I use EU, and been able to find 'buy' them.

Still a few more hours before I get home, hopefully nothing stops me from downloading the files. Really want to play Rocket League.

chrish19901079d ago

Download remotely using the store browser, then they should be ready to roll when you get home.

chrisco84au1080d ago

Actually got on and downloaded them, Australia here.

NeonEnigma1080d ago

They didnt show up here in the states! Oh and ps europe give us americans that sweet bloodborne theme with yarnham in the background! It seems to only be available to players in europe:/

camel_toad1079d ago

Never got around to buying Rain so Ill definitely be grabbing that one and rocket league.

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The story is too old to be commented.