DICE Was "Really Scared" To Tackle Star Wars Battlefront

DICE's Patrick Bach comments on the risks - and rewards - of taking on one of gaming's highest-profile projects

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Digital_Anomaly1137d ago

Can you blame them? Star Wars fans and video game fans in general can be a mean, hateful bunch if you piss them off!

Star Wars games always have big expectations and it seems like people are almost always let down. They know there's a lot riding on this game. Fingers crossed it turns out amazing! From the little I played at E3 this year I feel confident in saying it's going to be pretty good.

Irishguy951137d ago

Eh lets hope so. Looks great so far anyways. I was worried it would be battlefield with a star wars skin. Not at all though

venom061137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

its DEFINITELY not a Battlefield reskin from playing the Alpha.. if the launch game is stable and plays like the Alpha, we're going to be in for a treat.. and it's actually a lot of fun.

NeverHeavyMan1137d ago

They can be a mean, hateful bunch whether you piss them off or not. Someone will always have something to complain about, and thus, we see developers often playing it safe.

Fortunately, DICE is a wonderful company with positive track record.

Dudebro901137d ago

Positive track record?? They haven't shipped a game that's worked out of the box...ever.

NeverHeavyMan1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

@ Dudebro: Um, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, and Dead Space 2 would like a word with you. All worked out of the box just fine, and that only scratches the surface.

However, thank you for aiding my point about people who complain.

LAWSON721137d ago


Dice did not make Dead Space.

NeverHeavyMan1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

@ LAWSON: Indeed, my error. That was Visceral. My point, however, is unchanged. Not every DICE game released was broken. So that is a fallacy.

A close look at that list shows plenty of titles that weren't broken at their launches. The team is very respected within the gaming community, hence my original point.

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spacedelete1137d ago

gamers can be an angry bunch but the way this industry treats us you can't really blame us.

3-4-51137d ago

* Nobody wants to be responsible for screwing up something they and everybody else loves.

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MzDino1137d ago

I don't blame them. However, given that they're also working on Mirror's Edge Catalyst, I have a feeling DICE isn't making the wrong choices...

Rimeskeem1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

It's always good to be a little scared/nervous. It increases the amount of thought you put into it which in return will hopefully make the game better.

The brain is an interesting thing.

-Foxtrot1137d ago

Then why did they try to create a new game with a Star Wars skin instead of an actual Battlefront new instalment.

I mean if you were scared you wouldn't be risking taking stuff out that was in past games, not pushing yourself to add onto the franchise by making a full on campaign or having the cheek to take out content which will obviously be sold back to us as DLC.

That fear would drive you to make the best, improved Battlefront sequel bursting with content.

Gority1137d ago

Well, it's not a sequel. You don't seem to get that.

Dudebro901137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Then don't call it Battlefront...

If I buy a game with a previous installment I expect the new one, reboot or not, to have more content than the previous. There is a small fraction compared to battlefront 2.

It's pathetic.

-Foxtrot1137d ago

But it's still Battlefront

Sequel, new installment,'s still a NEW Battlefront game

If that's the case why call it Battlefront...why not a new Star Wars game

Crimzon1137d ago


It's depressing to see the amount of disagrees you're getting for something we all know to be true. I'm not sure if people are just suddenly being really naive when it comes to EA/Dice or if their excitement for Star Wars is making them blind to what's happening, but this game has very obviously been neutered to cash-in on a very heavy DLC push.

It really is bizarre to see brand loyalty (be it an IP, developer, publisher, console manufacturer etc.) rob people of their common sense so frequently.

-Foxtrot1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I know

It's because it's Battlefront. People don't want to admit the truth. This is a game which people will defend and buy day 1 then after a month of it's release people will be saying shit like "Kind of disappointed with this", "EA has ruined Battlefront" or "Such a letdown, it's not Battlefront".

They will cut content, hold it back, not try to go the extra mile by making things like more maps, space battles or a single player campaign, use cut content as DLC, make people pay for shit that should have been in the game and will end up messing with the gameplay by adding loadouts and that turning it into every other online game.

It's sad but that's what nostalgia does to you. People can call out EA anyother time, like Titanfall for example but when it comes to an old school franchise they'd rather lie to themselves, pretend that everything is going to be fine despite the fact it's EA and they've seen what they have done to other franchises and in the end they'll just be giving EA more money so they can continue to ruin the franchise more with more DLC and quick sequels.

This is why EA will never fall

antz11041137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

So where did the two of you get the advance copy to make all these assumptions?

It didn't have space battles. Who cares? They handled like garbage anyway. It will have dlc soon after release. Great! Thank you for supporting the game, in the meantime I will enjoy the 13 maps it's shipping with. It blows my mind how people will cry and complain when a series that's been dead for ten years is returning.

But hey, boycott it. Take your stand. In November feel free to fire up BFII and tell yourselves how disappointed we all are.

Antifan1137d ago

Don't blame Dice for cutting content, blame EA. Dice is nothing but a tool, EA is the tool user.

Summons751137d ago

Well anyone who gets the keys to the biggest franchise would be scared and they even got access to archives and props nobody has touched in god knows how long. It looks like they are doing a good job so far so hopefully the love they claim they have shines through and all the whiners who are pretending it's a Battlefield clone are put in their place. Though Star Wars fans are some of the most rabid fans on earth, nothing impresses the loud mouths of the fanbase. As a fan, I can't wait for this and I can't wait for Episode 7.

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