Amazon Selling Destiny Xbox 360 for $19.99

Xbox 360 owners, now's your chance to seize your Destiny! (For only 20 bucks!)

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MRBIGCAT1261d ago

Amazing deal! If I didn't have this already I'd buy this now.

emad-E-three1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

No its not, as a day 1 player I can easily say its not a good deal going by how crappy the expansions are priced specially for such low content anyway for a game like Destiny you need to have the expansions to continue enjoying the game or it will be pretty much useless specially with nightfalls and heroics so that immediately raise the cost of the game to 35$ for EX pass and the soon to be released The Taken King for an extra 40$ which make the full experience costs 95$!!

What im trying to say is if you still don't have it better wait for 9/15th to get all of these for 60$.

joel_c171260d ago

Dont forget you then have to buy all the DLC - thats how they sting you. Base game should be free by now.

lemoncake1261d ago

Considering the high cost of the almost mandatory DLC this probably isn't the best deal if you are serious about playing this game. Best bet would probably be to wait until the taken king collection with all DLC is released, then wait for that one to drop in price a bit after a few weeks.

beereal3601261d ago

Don't buy this is stupid. The only game I ever beat and I don't know anything about the story.

StrawberryDiesel4201261d ago

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this game and how smooth it runs on PS4. Destiny is an amazing new IP and I can't wait for the sequel. Anyone that's on the fence should jump right in.

rezzah1260d ago

No, they should wait to get everything in one once the Taken King releases. It doesn't make sense to buy the base game now.

There should still be a demo on PSN for those unsure.

SuperbVillain1260d ago

your going to hate the game after a 2-3 just gets too repetitive and too much of a grind

GearSkiN1261d ago

i amazing game if you havent played it. i gave up on this game considering the content was a flop, great multiplayer but that random rewards bothered me... maybe once everything gone cheap i might pick the expansion pack for this game...

at the moment i dont find this game worth playing at this point. all the upcoming expansion is not worth for its price better of spending it on a new game..

but if you do enjoy it and became a fan expansion is the way to go.

ps: destinys story still bothered me of how was not a complete story..

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