Soapbox: I Decided to Show My Family Uncharted 4's Incredible Gameplay Demo

Push Square: "You've all seen the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End E3 2015 gameplay demo by now - or at least, I hope that you have. When I was sat here with editor Sammy Barker, watching Sony's press conference live at 3AM, our already tired brains had been battered by the wealth of megatons that the Japanese company had casually paraded out on stage as if they were nothing. The Last Guardian had been revived right at the start of the show, we got confirmation of a Final Fantasy VII remake out of nowhere, and the reveal of Shenmue III almost killed my colleague on the spot. We sat there wondering just how Sony would finish such a momentous occasion off, and while we both knew that Nathan Drake's upcoming escapade would have to show up sooner or later, we weren't quite prepared for just how good an appearance it'd put in."

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no_more_heroes1229d ago

My sister enjoyed watching me play Uncharted 3 because "it looks like a movie".

She's gonna love watching this one!

crazychris41241229d ago

Lol I had a similar experience when I was playing Uncharted 2. My consoles are setup in the basement and one day there were people working on my boiler. I was at the part where you're trying to avoid being killed by the chopper in the town and they stopped working for a little just to watch.

Army_of_Darkness1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

All this uncharted talk gets me excited to replay the uncharted series in 1080p @60fps in the living room this time to see how many family members get attached to watching it ;-)

Captain_Wormy1228d ago

My mum would just yell at me in spanish and tell me to get a job... 😔

Volkama1228d ago

I really hope you are from Scunthorpe, and your mum just has a good sense of humour.

Relientk771228d ago

Then you respond with, "quiet mum I'm saving the world"

Lamboomington1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

The best part of Uncharted and TLOU ? They look like movies in terms of quality and presentation, but they are so INTERACTIVE and responsive to player choice. When I say choice I mean small gameplay choices - like who to start punching and when and where, before shooting someone in the face.

TLOU combat was as interactive and complex as any other good game, but almost every time, the way it played out just looked and sounded incredible !

UltraNova1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

This is why ND are true masters at what they do. They have effectively balanced great gameplay with great storytelling and cinematic blockbuster feel, a feat previously unattainable to most, if not all game devs out there.

jb2271228d ago

Totally agree. I guess that's why people who've never played the games call it "on rails" or "too linear & hand hold-y", because they may have played games by lesser devs who were guilty of those flaws. It's easy to spot someone who hasn't played the series when they start lobbing those criticisms. When you actually get hands on w/ a title of Uncharted or TLOU's caliber, you realize that ND are in a masterclass of game developers that put fun & feeling first & never sacrifice the core tenants of great revolutionary gameplay.