Gigantic action: There’s something for everyone in Motiga’s free-to-play title

Motiga talks player choice, freedom, and fairness in its upcoming free-to-play title.

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ThatOneRiggaNob960d ago

I'm really excited to give this try after my recent addiction to smite.

StrayaKNT960d ago

Same smite is so fun and I'm playing on American servers. There should be Australian servers available soon though and it will be even better. Gigantic looks just as good if not better and I cant wait to try it.

feelforlove960d ago

"Sorry dude
Halo 1 - 97

Halo 1 made by Bungie who run away from Microsoft and according to you are worse than 343 industries.

joab777960d ago

This game looks great and with the popularity of MOBA's, it should do well.

Christopher960d ago

This looks great. I loved the characters and concept (Fencer w/cat... who doesn't love that?). They've only run one map so far, but would like to see what they do in the long run.

Tom101960d ago

Forrest confirmed there'll be two maps at launch, but no doubt more added post-launch.

ScorpiusX960d ago

Will there be any cross play between Xbox one & PC upon release.

Tom101960d ago

We don't yet know the release date but if it launches on both systems simultaneously and the betas prove successful, I believe the cross-platform play will be there on release.

WizzroSupreme960d ago

It sure looks like it. I can dig this.

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