Top 10 Mediocre Game Babes

GamesRadar writes: "It's important to recognize the festivities surrounding our 7 out of 10 week are bold and warm natured salutes to mediocrity in all its forms. The contributions of gaming alone have made fantastic strides to rarely raise the bar and present us with passable drudgery time after time. Compiling a list of the greatest mediocre game gals is most certainly NOT an excuse to point and laugh at these pixilated plain Janes. Instead, we should be applauded for finally paying them their dues.

We of the proud gaming generation have endured countless hours of titillation long before Lara Croft stepped onto the scene. Many of us grew up in a time of Jessica Rabbit, Cheetara, and Smurfette, so our standards of arousal are pretty damned high. Whether through their critical overdressage, boring personalities, chestacular overkill or '80s mall hair, these are the in-game dames that made us all say 'Maybe. But we'll pass for now.' "

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Kyur4ThePain3591d ago

A news article about mediocrity?
Are we that bored?

Evildoomnerd3591d ago

I believe that the real bottom of the barrel is when we see articles such as "Top 10 games with best dust particle effects" or "10 best looking toilets in a game", or "The best smelling instruction booklets for a Sci-fi shooter". I hope I didn't give them any ideas...

Kyur4ThePain3591d ago

Yeah man, shut the fck up already! lol

Fade_Walker3591d ago

Actually there was already an artical about the best 10 in game toilets.

Dom63903591d ago

haha omg get over it and don't read the article if u don't like it