Call of Duty Black Ops 3 director talks Prestige Levels

GearNuke writes: "Prestige Levels have always been a series staple for Call of Duty games. They’ll be making another appearance in the this year’s Call of Duty Black Ops 3 where players will grind away to hit that renowned Master Prestige level."

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mxguy931232d ago

I can make it to about 5th prestige by the time the next cod comes out, back when I played cod. It would Definitely be annoying to put more prestige levels but it also makes the game last longer if getting to max prestige is your thing

DivoJones1232d ago

Well it gives the illusion of lasting longer. Resetting everything you've unlocked only to re-unlock it again for an emblem has to be the dumbest incentive I've ever heard. Have you gone back to primary education and repeated grades 1-12? Why not? I'll give you a gold sticker if you do! Waste of time.

RenegadeRocks1232d ago

Yup, never understood the point. Does it provide extra boosts or somthing>? why do ppl do it?