Sony’s Backwards Compatibility is a Non-Issue

This year’s E3 had some tremendously big announcements. One of those was the reveal that XBOX One would be embracing the world of backwards compatibility, which sent the world of console wars into an upheaval. Those who back the XBOX One used this announcement as ammunition against the other console supporters, most notably the PS4. And I will admit, it is a very nice feature that Microsoft has implemented with the system. There are times that gamers enjoy getting nostalgic and popping that old disc into the system to see how much they missed old titles.

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Rimeskeem1142d ago

BC is always a welcomed option as long as it doesnt take from new games.

xHeavYx1142d ago

It would be nice to have, yes, but that's it. I didn't get a PS4 to play PS3 games.

thejigisup1142d ago

I've still got my ps3 to play my ps3 games and i welcome remasters that may may not have purchased back on the ps3.

Rimeskeem1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

BC isnt just about playing PS3 games though. It would be about opening the library of games you have previously purchased. I have yet to sell PS3 because I want to be able to play the games I bought for it. If BC was an option I would have sold it already. PS3 having BC was the reason I sold my PS2.

xHeavYx1142d ago

"BC isnt just about playing PS3 games though. It would be about opening the library of games you have previously purchased."
Uh, it's the same thing.

Hoffmann1142d ago

The over 10 people who disagreed you...Jesus I never understand all this negativity because someone has a well explained opinion.

magiciandude1142d ago

"It would be nice to have, yes, but that's it. I didn't get a PS4 to play PS3 games."

Well a lot of other people did, considering how well TLOU Remastered sold.

xHeavYx1142d ago

2 things, first, that's only one game, second, a lot of 360 only owners didn't get to play the game.

magiciandude1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )


And GTA V.

Upcoming this year:
God of War III
Uncharted Collection with no multiplayer mode
Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls
+ plenty more third party cross platform remasters

Expect more next year from Sony alone, and you can still tell me that's only one game...

If it wasn't for this issue with backward compatibility, we probably wouldn't see half this many remasters. It's saturating the same market that says they buy new systems for new games...

Charybdis1142d ago

Is always a good thing if the game library of a console can be expanded even if older collection.
Its nice to see some devs exploiting this by giving away free 360 games with new xbox one games.
For sony it bc might (ps now) or might nog not be considerd a big deal (removing bc from ps3) I certainly do look forward to try out ps now when it launches in europe and I do hope people will support sony in their bc efforts with ps now.

donthate1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

For some BC matters, for others it does not.

That said, I have been seeing on forums (especially on reddit) that people are seriously considering an Xbox One because of BC. Many people came in saying they choose Xbox One because of a big digital library.

I think it is a nice feature to know that a lot of your existing games will continue to be playable for this entire generation (and hopefully next).


"It would be nice to have, yes, but that's it. I didn't get a PS4 to play PS3 games."

I didn't buy a PS4 to leave my PS3.

Just a thought....

OB1Biker1141d ago

I know some people would enjoy playing some of their old games but IMO I dont get the point. I keep my PS3 for my games on it and the ones I regularly download from PS+. But most of its use is to play with my kid actually now.
The thing that I really dont get is why would I waste the little time I have with my PS4 to play PS3 games and fill the limited HD space with last gen games.
I mean if I wanted to keep playing PS3 games then I wouldnt have bothered buying a new gen console.

t-hall7851141d ago Show
WCxAlchemist1141d ago

Playstation already have BC in PsWhat eerr Now! The only difference is 1) Sony makes you pay for it 2) its not native but streamed with lag

DOMination-1141d ago

The thing that people miss is that now with xbox one you will have access to games you purchased.. digitally. That's full x360 titles and of course xbla games.

Meanwhile Sony are making you pay a subscription to access games you have already purchased on ps3 using streaming technology that may or may not deliver a good experience.

For that reason alone, BC is a big deal. Even if you don't play said games, at least you have access to it. Ironic that several years after launch its the XB1 that is less anti-consumer

Dee_911141d ago

tbh, I prob would still buy a remaster if PS4 had BC.But it depends on the game.Remasters aren't just the ps3 games re-released or in digital format, it usually receive upgrades visually at least.
I know with my fat ps3 I rarely played my ps2 games, and I had a huuge catalog of PS2 games.

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Godmars2901142d ago

Is something that you as the user doesn't have to think about.

CorndogBurglar1142d ago

The thing with Microsoft's Backwards Compatibility is that I always saw it as kind of half-assed.

My roommate's PS3 last gen was one of the BC consoles. You could literally put any PS2 disc in it and play it.

Microsoft's BC, bith last gen and current, was only for select games. You can't just put any Xbox 360 game in and play it, just like last gen you couldn't put any Original Xbox game in and play it. Granted as time goes on the library gets bigger. But it will never be complete.

Letthewookiewin1142d ago

And we will see how well the emulated games run on the X1. I haven't been able to test it out but I've heard it's rocky. If it's going to run old games like crap no thanks.

SouthClaw1141d ago

Lol you know nothing Jon Snow.

PS3 was never complete. You couldn't just put in any PS2 game and it worked. Trust me because I actually have one of the launch PS3s. So you're talking out the side of your neck.

Neither is 100% perfect but hey it is a FREE service. Unlike PS Now.

donthate1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )


I am in the preview and tested it with Mass Effect, and a few XBL arcade like games like Perfect Dark.

It is considerably better on Xbox One, and it made Mass Effect run a lot better than on the Xbox 360. There was no graphical issues, pop-ins were reduced and frame rate went up.

There was nothing I could complain about even though I looked for something other than I wish there were more games available.

This is in contrast to Xbox 360 with MvC that had sprite issues immediately and etc.

I am almost sure if you didn't see the controller you would think it is literally on the Xbox 360.

There are plenty of videos on Youtube to show this.

CorndogBurglar1141d ago

@ South Claw

Do some research before talking trash buddy.

There were some PS3 models that included PS2 hardware in them to allow 100% backwards compatibility. I know because my roommate had it. For all intents and purposes, it was also mine.

So no, I'm not "talking out the side of my neck". Whatever that means.

rainslacker1141d ago

There were a couple games which had problems on the PS3 through BC, but 99.99% of the entire PS2 and PS1 library worked on the original phats before they removed the hardware.

nitus101141d ago

You could put pretty much any PS2 game in the NTSC version of the FAT PS3 since it virtually has full PS2 hardware wise in it. However if you live in countries that support PAL then you got a combination of partial PS2 hardware and software emulation that would play about 85% to 90% of PS2 games.

I have the PAL version of the FAT PS3 and out of the sixty PS2 games one will not play even though the PS3 recognizes it as a PS3 game. Three others freeze at a point in the game where you cannot go any further. All my other PS2 games appear to work although because I prefer RPG's it is very difficult to determine if they are all OK. even today many of the RPG PS2 games I have still have good replay value.

As for PS3 games I have over sixty and most of them are RPG's with a few being Action/Adventure. I have completed many of these games but not all and some do have very good replay value. This is probably one of the main reasons why I have not purchased a PS4 yet even though the are a few games on it I would really like to play.

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Muzikguy1142d ago

I agree that the option is nice to have. In the grand scheme of things though, IMO, it's better to have the system the games were played on than to have to worry about all the systems being backward compatible. I'd like to see systems from now one being BC consoles, but I wouldn't care either way. I keep the old systems around until I don't want them anymore. New systems I rarely ever play previous gen games on.

When the PS3 came out I played GoW2 and FFXII, that was it. All PS3 games after that

Zeref1141d ago

BC is something that we should demand from console makers. a lot of people sell their 360's or ps3's to be able to afford the next console. not having it makes it hard for these people and hampers sales. I know a lot of people dumped their 360 within a week after MS announced BC. Maybe they won't ever use it but just the thought that they'd still be able to play their old games is enough to trigger them. they don't feel like they lost it all.

Azzanation1141d ago

BC means more new games. If you have BC that means devs don't need to waste resources and time remastering old games. To mean having BC makes my console the value of 2 instead of one. After all these are sequels to there previous products, this should be a standard. If BC doesn't exist then expect your house to be filled up on Consoles and that's a lot of power drainage and space.

The market is full of remasters this gen, the most iv ever seen in any gen from the past, because last gen was full of some of the greatest games ever made. There are a lot of people who cant afford to have 2 consoles and normally sell there old one for the new one. BC allows the easy switch without losing out on great games. Plus BC is free.

MS manage to allow the option without increasing the price of the X1 which is great, while some consoles have to boost the price up, I think other companies should see how MS are doing it and follow suit. Cheap, Easy and Free.

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Nosred1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Since when one more resource on the console is bad ??
Not to mention not need to spend anything if you already have the game, these haters love to look defect even he did not exist, I wondered if the BC were announced for the PS4 to instead Xbox, everyone would be making fun of Ms, but since we are talking about "Goddess" she sony can not be faulted.

And yes and another feature that makes the attractive console with EA accessories, Early accessories, streamin to other devices among others.

ThatOneRiggaNob1142d ago

That's the way things are lol. People will downplay almost anything MS and over hype anything Sony. It's actually pretty sad people are this attached to a piece of plastic.

rainslacker1141d ago

Everyone that is praising BC now are the same people that were saying it didn't matter when people complained about it not being included before launch....on both systems.

I love BC, which is why I still have my phat PS3 for PS1/PS2/PS3 and would have liked BC in the PS4. But I will always say that it isn't that big of a deal to me, despite me often playing older games. My PS3 still gets more play time than my PS4 due to the number of games I'm getting through, and would have liked to retire it, but it wouldn't keep me from purchasing the console.

badz1491142d ago


MS fans playing victim? Classic!

Suddenly, BC is the best feature ever because MS is doing it but you guys kinda forgot that not all games are supported yet and many games may not be supported at all. But whatever, right? BC rules. The ability to play old games is the most next gen feature EVER, right?

Forget truly innovative features like remote play from Vita and any supported smartphones, Share Play and stuff and let's also conveniently forget about PSNow that can also be used on non-Sony devices like Samsung smart tv for example...non of that matters because damn Sony for not giving us BC, right? /s

Seriously, BC is nice and all but it's not the end of the world if the PS4 doesn't have it. Most people buy the PS4 to play PS4 games anyway. That's why new games sales the most, not remasters.

Nosred1142d ago

PSnow,It is not free you have to pay, not to mention not run most games.

You tell me new games but Sony brings BC to Ps4 because it profits from fanboys buying games two years ago with full price, but people support it so that it is bringing up Journe Indie remaster and she It will keep bringing as these "smart" fund it.

And has nothing of victimhood, because since when more resource on the console without pay is bad? yet this pressoal loves criticize they will not have on your console.

Letthewookiewin1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

The only ones that ever talk about PS-Now are Xbox fanatics. I haven't seen one Sony fan put down MS's BC. Some say it's no big deal, that's not putting it down, it's just the truth. It's like they're trying to attack any little thing. Lol BC is nice to have but its not going to send Sony to bed with no dinner.

garrettbobbyferguson1141d ago

"Since when one more resource on the console is bad??"

Since it's not on my favorite console. Backwards compatibility is a huge thing that is great for consumers. It gives them the ability to still enjoy their older titles or even pick up older titles they haven't yet played. An example is a fighting game on the Wii. Couple friends of mine own a WiiU and can play that older title no problem. Rather than having to shell out money for a non existent remake.

Aloy-Boyfriend1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

It's a non-issue to me because I still have my PS3 and don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon.

Now the media is somehow forcing Sony to do something about it after MS made it possible. They are not obliged to do that. They did it with PS Now although is not the same method. I don't know how hard this could be for Sony considering the Cell processor was really hard to program for, so I won't talk like I know anything.

What I'll say is that I don't care, simple. I'm too focused on playing these current gen games to go back and play Last gen games, just my 2 cents

B1uBurneR1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Current Gen games includes a good amount of last Gen Remasters. So you don't have to rely on your last gen consoles to play them... as long as you can pay for them again. If this trend continues PS4 might end up with... whats that number that gets thrown around... oh.. 50% more Remasters.

BC is for those like myself. I can visit old titles I missed out on like Mass effect 1. 2. 3. Then continue on with 4 on current gen all why keeping my 360 in another room.

gangsta_red1142d ago

It's truly hilarious how many people seem to now be interested in BC but go nuts for repaying for old games that are remastered.

Then we have the old excuse of "just keep your old system". It's as if no one has heard of the word "convenience". I have a bunch of DVD's, I don't want to have to keep pulling out and hooking up a dvd player to watch them, instead my Blu-Ray also can play DVD's.

Thi should be the same with consoles, thank goodness MS is making an effort to make it so.

Aloy-Boyfriend1142d ago

Speak for yourself or anyone else because my library of games doesn't consist of mostly remaster. The only one I have is TLOU. Just to name a few:

Batman AK
Witcher 3
Dying light

No remaster. I'm not dissing BC just because MS has done. I just don't care as a personally said

godmachine1141d ago

exactly my reason for wanting it also ...the ps4 will be the living room machine and ps3 in the game room ,but i wont have to bring my ps3 down everytime i wanna hit some last gen titles

but i guess its a non issue since theyll remaster every ps3 game and charge 40$ a piece for them and the masses just eat them to be made though so why blame sony , if the remasters bombed bc would matter

rainslacker1141d ago

I won't lie...I wouldn't mind full BC on the PS4. I like consolidating things into one console, like I did with my PS3, and it frees up spots in my gaming room's entertainment center.

It's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen then. Most of the consoles I have in my game room do not have any kind of BC, so I'm kind of used to it. Got spoiled on it with the PS line, and with Nintendo to a lesser extent, but I grew up either keeping or rebuying consoles to play old games, so learned to just keep them instead of trying to save a few extra dollars on the next system.

nitus101141d ago

While I do agree with you I don't think it would be that easy to have PS3 backwards compatibility on the PS4 unless the relevant hardware was included which would up the cost enormously.

Emulating a PS3 in software while doable requires a very powerful PC and even then you still may have issues (the PAL BC PS3 would only play between 85% and 90% of all PS2 games).

Backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games is definitely doable on the PS4 and one that would have led me to purchase a PS4 day one.

As for playing PS3 games I am quite happy to keep my PS3.

wonderfulmonkeyman1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

This and blocking online multiplayer behind a paywall are the two biggest reasons (outside of the fan base) why I never traded up to a PS4 from my PS3.

Sony's stance on backwards compatibility, is ass backwards.
After the kind of launch the PS4 had, it's pretty much a certainty that a separate, slightly more expensive, SKU would have been able to ride that launch hype wave to sales rivaling that of its non-BC counterpart, had they made enough units.

It's a consumer friendly feature that screams out the fact that they respect and appreciate all the money we spent building a collection of physical games on their system.
It also encourages more new games to be the focus, rather than upscaled ports long before they're due for such a thing.

People need to quit pretending that it's anti-consumer to give a damn about our physical games collection for, at least, the most recent past gen console.

Majin-vegeta1142d ago

*it's pretty much a certainty that a separate, slightly more expensive, SKU would have been able to ride that launch hype wave to sales rivaling that of its non-BC counterpart, had they made enough units.

Do you people not see why Sony didnt do this>?Had they done another model with cell the devs would have to make to different versions for PS4 and it wouldnt be worth the investment and it would take longer or they would just release it broken.Yes I'm sure many people would love it but you gotta start using common sense.

wonderfulmonkeyman1142d ago

They wouldn't have had to replace all the parts, just added the necessary bits, possibly miniaturized a bit.

rainslacker1141d ago

If you've seen the main board for the most recent version the the PS3 slim, you would see that would be a pretty extensive addition to the system. Then what about PS2 and PS1 BC? PS1 would be possible with the emulator that exists in the PS3, but PS2 would be limited with the emotion chip...unless they made a new emulator. Honestly, there is no reason why PS1 and PS2 emulators wouldn't already work on a PS4, as they work on less powerful PC's already.

The cell, and it's memory, also still run pretty hot, so it wouldn't be as simple as just throwing in another board, or the chip in the system.

The PS3 BC was accomplished by using the PS2's emotion engine, but still piggybacked the memory and other things from the PS3's architecture. That could have been possible this time, but again, the Cell is still a massive chip, that puts out a lot of heat.

Some kind of add-on would have been more reasonable, which would then not require having a separate SKU, and would make it available when people wanted it, and could be discontinued when it no longer sold.

Many people said that they would pay more for a fully BC PS4, myself included, but that doesn't mean that it was financially feasible to make a completely different SKU that would offer such a feature.

I don't know if Sony is working on a BC solution, and it annoys me that people say that PSNow is Sony's BC solution, because it isn't. I would love for Sony to come out with something though, and if competition makes it happen, I'll be happy about it. If it never comes to pass, then it wouldn't matter that much, as I can still play my games on the PS3.

jb2271142d ago

Would you also prefer your Blu Ray players to have a VCR port? New consoles are all about new experiences. Obviously BC isn't keeping MS from remastering old titles as things like Halo MCC & the GoW remasters are still happening. At the end of the day, MS needed some good will from consumers after burning them w/ the RROD & the whole XBO rollout fiasco. This isn't a feature that is given out of the goodness of their hearts, its yet another tactic to try to hang onto their market share. Is it cool that its available? Sure, if there is a sufficient library of titles available in the future, but is it a "game changer"? Not in the slightest.

Bzone241142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

A better example would be 'Would you also prefer your Blu Ray players to play DVD's?'. Because you know that DVD's are the last gen and Blu Ray the current. Oh that wouldn't fit your little analogy would it since Blu Ray players play DVDs?

Also, yes Microsoft is adding it to get people to move up to the Xbox One. Not out of the goodness of their heart. But I really hope you don't believe that Sony does anything for you out of the goodness of their heart either. They both want your money.

Xb1ps41142d ago

We'll that was a poor attempt... I mean really a VCR port on bluray!? The generation gap is not that big from 360 to xb1 to make that kind of comparison.

I know plenty of ppl that got ylod, I'm sure you will deny it but ylod existed.. So let me ask you this, had you got ylod and had to pay out of pocket..... Did you go online to research the failure rate and said hey... The failure rate was less than that of the 360 so it's okay? Did you/ would you feel less burned?

"This feature wasn't given out of the goodness of there heart" considering ms isn't charging at all for it how did you come to this conclusion? Are you implying that ps now is out of the goodness of sonys heart?

I would love to know what a game changer would be to you.. I mean considering the "fiasco" to how xb1 currently is... What would make you say damn ms has turned that ship around, let me stop being this disgruntled "gamer" and get a xb1?

jb2271141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )


I'm sure there were people who experienced YLOD but I wasn't one of them. Small percentages of any hardware is bound to fail, but the RROD wasn't small. MS themselves admit that it was a huge number of boxes, or they wouldn't have had to drop 1.1 billion on just making it right w/in a reasonable warranty timeframe. It was & remains a travesty that as many as 30-40% by some estimates were affected.

I'm not trying to say that MS are some horrible shady company as they've learned from many mistakes for the XBO, but the reality of the situation is this: Would they have made any of those changes if they weren't being trounced in sales by the PS4? Now that Sony are the sales leaders, I'm still seeing the same company by & large that we saw when they were on the bottom of the pile. My personal preference on exclusives lies w/ Sony's array of diverse genres, so that's where I game. Its not that I don't own an XBO because I'm "disgruntled" its just that I can't justify spending 400 bucks on a box for a handful of games that aren't my style. SSO looked great & QB will surely be an amazing experience, but those are the only two that service my needs as a gamer. For me, all of the money & man hours spent on BC would've been better served on yet another exclusive first party studio or game franchise. I'm personally glad that Sony is charging for PSNow, so people who enjoy the older titles will pay for the privilege, keeping a revenue stream going to fund new games & for Sony to be able to take the kind of risks w/ titles that they always have.

All I'm saying is that MS is well versed in consumer tactics because they have been practicing them for decades. Sure, they aren't charging for BC but until it is fully rolled out and as all inclusive as many people are being led to believe I remain unconvinced that this wasn't manufactured to be another "big announcement" that peters out after a few seasons.

Xb1ps41140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

30... 40... He'll lets just say 50%.. Most of them was covered with that 1.1 billion if ppl didn't just go out and buy another. my question still stands.... Would you feel less burned if the defect rate was within standards? Cause I had ylod and sure as he'll felt saltier having to spend 130$ To fix it over sending in my 360 3 times free of charge regardless of the ps3 having a failure rate within standards..

How can it be a reality if you're asking? It's like me saying what if the original plan was done right and ms sold a ton more would Sony jump on the band wagon? Ppl voiced there opinion and ms changed it, why does it have to go beyond that? Why does it have to be some underlying cause to it? What is Sony didn't exist and we still had the same out come for the xb1?

Xbo has plenty of great exclusives and if out of all of them..... If Only 2 has a very small amount of you interest I doubt ms will ever catch your attention any time soon. And by the way it's 350$ they have been having great bundles as well..

Yea I'm sure you are happy they charge for it, even if you already own the game... It is Sony after all..

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Outside_ofthe_Box1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Only way Sony can do it now is via software, but emulating the PS3 is gonna be a tough and long process. If they haven't already started trying to emulate the PS3 on PS4 architecture, it's definitely going to take all gen for them to eventually achieve it.

They could do it via hardware by introducing a more expensive system, but we all know it's not going to sell enough to the point where it would profitable. Sure you'll have people that already have PS4's that might be willing to pay for a new PS4 with BC and sure you'll have people like yourself who have been hesitant at upgrading that will jump on the purchase, but the general consumer will go for the cheaper PS4.

You say that Sony could have done it via hardware at launch, which looking in hindsight I agree due to the success the PS4 is having, but at the time that would have been a tough call. Price was a major issue for the PS3 at launch and obviously Sony wouldn't want a repeat of that. Launching at $400 was a safe move at the time. Unless you could see into the future nobody expected the PS4 to be selling on PS2-like pace at the time.

JasonKCK1141d ago

"emulating the PS3 is gonna be a tough and long process"

But not tough enough to offer it right now through PSNow. They can stream it to you behind a paywall, through the internet, but somehow any other way is just too damn tough?

Outside_ofthe_Box1141d ago

PSNow doesn't use emulation...
PSNow is streaming... it has nothing to with BC...

Emulation and streaming are two different things.

JasonKCK1141d ago

So you're saying Sony isn't capable?

Outside_ofthe_Box1141d ago

I'm not saying that they aren't capable of doing it.

I'm saying that it will take a long time for it to be done.

You do realize that one of the biggest complaints about the PS3 was that it's CELL architecture was complicated/hard to develop for right?

Sony has to emulate that on the PS4's architecture. Not an easy thing to do as the CELL and PS4's hardware are extremely different.

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Spotie1142d ago

What I want to know is: when did it become the thing to get rid of your old console but keep the games?

Is BC a great option? You bet. I even recently went and bought a BC PS3 so I could retire my PS2. But I'm not getting rid of my PS2(wouldn't have gotten rid of my PS1 if it hadn't broken). And even if the PS4 had been backwards compatible, I wouldn't have gotten rid of my PS3(the old one had to go for other reasons, entirely).

But NOT having it isn't suddenly the worst thing in the world. And having it isn't the best thing in the world, either.

I don't see how it encourages new games to be the focus, as you claim; it doesn't have ANY impact on game development. Remasters are- with no exceptions I can think of- always handled by specialty developers and not the original devs, who are working on current gen games. I honestly don't see why remasters ever even get brought up, as they're unrelated except that they're games.

What people need to quit doing is pretending that it's anti-consumer to not create hardware that plays older generations of software. It's a nice nod and a great bonus, but none of us were bitching about not being able to play NES games in our SNES because it wasn't that big of a deal.

We just got spoiled, but we had to know that at some point it would become too expensive or otherwise unprofitable for console makers. This fake outrage is pathetic.

Xb1ps41142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Uummmm... It became the thing when ms announced bc? And you don't have to get rid of it as in sell it but you sure can get rid of it from the entertainment center..

magiciandude1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

3 of my friends just bought an Xbox One because of the announcement. 2 traded their PS4 for an Xbox One as well. You should try reading Reddit and other web forums, there's a lot of discussion going on there.

BC isn't a big deal, oh wait, yes it is. Just look how many articles have been posted since MS dropped the bomb shell this E3. You wouldn't even bother with a BC PS3 if you believe half of what you just wrote...

"Is BC a great option? You bet. I even recently went and bought a BC PS3 so I could retire my PS2."

So why can't Xbox fans retire their 360s like you retired your PS2? Ever consider that being the reason why they're saying BC is a big deal?

gangsta_red1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

"What I want to know is: when did it become the thing to get rid of your old console but keep the games?"

When has it ever NOT been that case? I swear you are trying very hard to make up your own rules Spotie. Not everyone has the shelf space that you apparently have in your mansion.

How about this though..."convenience& ;quo t;. The convenience of being able to have one NEW console and still play old games from the 360's huge back catalog. Instead of what you suggest by taking out your old console and having to plug it in every time.

But I rather HAVE it than NOT have it. And Xbox users WANTED it, so what exactly is your problem. Why are you trying to downplay this or fight people who love this feature...and yet in other articles you get so upset at people who downplay Last Guardian, Shenmue III or Final Fantasy 7...yet you do the exact same thing!

"...none of us were bitching about not being able to play NES games in our SNES because it wasn't that big of a deal."

Says who!? You better believe that me and my friends thought it would be awesome if the SNES played NES games. Which is why a lot of manufactures remedied that problem.

The only fake outrage is your own as you go from BC article to BC article trying hard to make it seem like NO ONE cares about BC. And yet games like Shenmue 3 and LG are "LEGENDARY" and everyone is excited for that.

Typical hypocritical logic.

Spotie1141d ago

(Hate the site now. Lengthy comment erased cuz it logged me out. That's annoying as hell.)

Revised edition of what I said before.

XB1: lol.

magiciandude: Your friends are three possibly imaginary people who mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Of course there will be articles about BC when folks like you claim it's a huge deal and it's not. Retire your consoles if you ant, never said you couldn't. If there wasn't a BC PS3, I'd have just gotten a normal one and kept my PS2 around. Not like I threw it out.

gangsta_red: It hasn't been the case for the majority of gaming history, even SINCE BC was introduced. Not trying to downplay it, but bring it down to sensible levels. That is to say, while it's a great feature, it isn't a game changer, and hasn't been since it was originally introduced. You can't show even one example of where I said NO ONE cares about BC; just making up arguments to suit you, as usual. Don't know how anybody falls for your bullshit, but they do. A remake of a well regarded game is not the same as BC. A sequel to a well regarded, if niche, game is not the same as BC. The confirmation of a previously in-limbo game is not the same as BC. Clamoring for ANY of these games, or the remasters you claim I constantly champion, does not in any way contradict my stance on BC for the XB1 or any other console.

I wish you guys made more intelligent arguments. I wish you at least argued what people were actually saying, rather than making shit up and responding to that.

But expecting that out of either of you would be asking too much.

maniacmayhem1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

"I wish you guys made more intelligent arguments."

Why? When the person they are commenting on doesn't make any smart points, opinions or anything of relevance. Who constantly downplays everything MS and Nintendo but gets upset at anyone who does the same for Sony?

Then when confronted all you can do is pull your "stop stalking me" card out your rear.

I wish you followed the same made up rules that you and others try and force on everyone else. How no one can comment on anything they don't like or care for. How you can claim Sony won E3 because you're a fanboy for Sony yet be so disgusted when Xbox fanboys claim MS won E3. How you can say gamers wanted Shenmue, LG and FF7 then say gamers really don't care for BC.

Every comment you make is not only contradictive of your previous statement or stance but just down right wrong and as others keep telling you hypocritical. It really is a shame you can't see it, that is the saddest part of it all.

Now instead of actually responding, you'll call me names and accuse me of stalking even though you have admitted to going after certain Xbox fanboys yourself.

"You bet. I even recently went and bought a BC PS3 so I could retire my PS2"

HILARIOUS, you just killed your whole point of:

"when did it become the thing to get rid of your old console but keep the games?"

Seriously! You make absolutely NO SENSE!

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TomatoDragon1142d ago

Not much of an issue for me since I still have my ps3.

FoxyGotGame1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Same, and I hardly find the time to play my PS3 since I've had PS4, mostly used in the bedroom for Netflix etc ...In fact, when I had PS2 and purchased PS3 @launch, I maybe have used the B/C feature during the first 6 months - 1 year (at best) due to the post launch PS3 game drought. But I certainly didn't care for B/C once the PS3 library began to grow.

I feel like a feature like (non subscription) B/C is best served at the beginning of a Consoles life cycle than roughly 1/3 of the way through. Better late than never though, and I'm not going to pretend I would object to the same feature on PS4.

_-EDMIX-_1142d ago

I wish I got that issue! lol

Got my PS3 right next to my PS4, playing Persona 3 right now on PSN, then Persona 4 later, finishing up Red Dead, LA Noire (both near the ending) got a huge back log of games to actually play.

Still need to play Dishonored, would get the remaster on PS4, but got it free on PS3 so sorta got to side with free lol.

I just have so many games to finish on PS3, still play my PS4, but I'm currently swamped with backlogs to finish, before I care about MGSV, need to do another playthrough on Peace Walker (got HD version on PS3)

before I play Arkham Knight, got to play Arkham City etc

Just got a lot to play, I can't really care about the sequels of many games if I still have the other entries here unplayed on PS3 lol.

Lucky you though, I can't wait to be done with this huge list of games to play on PS3!