Gears of War: Ultimate - More than just a remaster

Game-Smack recently got to play a lot of Gears of War: Ultimate and finds that its more than just the first game made prettier

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4Sh0w1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The original Gears of War 60fps, 1080p, all the maps/dlc AND thanks to dedicated servers NO MORE HOST ADVANTAGE, coming this Aug 2 months before Halo5....hmm, hmmm, good.

pompombrum1232d ago

All the original Gears lovers would have been sold on dedicated servers alone really. Hands down the best shooter I've played in the last 10 years, let down by host advantage.

spicelicka1232d ago

I can't believe how well this games holds up, being 9 years old!!!

I had a blast with the beta, still one of the best multiplayers games ever made.

Fro_xoxo1232d ago

I only want Gears for the campaign..
I really enjoy the campaign modes..

1229d ago
Nosred1232d ago

ITS is a REMAKE no remater. -.-

Elit3Nick1232d ago

The multiplayer is remade from scratch but the campaign is still running on the original engine

Nosred1232d ago

But everything was remodeled in the campaign and MP, remater is when you give an up to full HD and adds some effects on Gears clearly did more than that.

isa_scout1232d ago

Listen, you've commented on my posts before calling me ignorant because I called it a remaster.... IT'S A REMASTER!!!! Do you not understand the difference? Compare ROBOCOP from 1990 to the new ROBOCOP.... That is a remake. I loved the beta for Gears UE because it was the same game we know and love, but with no Host Advantage. That alone is worth the price, but please quit posting false claims questioning others intelligence when you're the one everyone's staring at like,"Dafqu this guy talking about?"

Tedakin1232d ago

I mainly want it to play that hour that wasn't on the Xbox 360 version where you fight the Brumak. It was cut for time I think, but it caused a massive plothole in the story.

deadpoolio3161232d ago

It determinately wasn't an hour worth of game, it was another 15-20 minutes at best

gangsta_red1232d ago

Really wish they would include at least all the MP maps, modes and features from the trilogy.

You can keep the remastered campaign for people who enjoyed that...but the meat and fun was the excellent MP and it's one of the only games that evolved and was excellent with every sequel that came out.

It'll be hard to go back to Gears 1 MP.

StrayaKNT1232d ago

I'm with you I loved gears 3 more than any other game but gears ultimate was perfect, best next gen graphics and the gameplay was smooth and perfect. We get gears of war 3 for free this month anyway and when becomes available on bc we will be able to verse xbox 360 players which will be amazing I really can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.