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"With much yelling and demanding from their fans, Nintendo is finally coughing out a new Star Fox game, dubbed Star Fox Zero. Much to our surprise, it’s a game fully focused on making use of the Wii U’s gamepad. That could be both a good and bad thing, all things considered. After our E3 demo with Nintendo, I’m not too entirely sure about either outcome." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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BenRage31134d ago

I for one am waiting until the game releases before I jump on the hate bandwagon. Not saying the game is going to be great, but even Nintendo fans ripped Wind Waker when it was announced. Now it is one of the most most beloved Zelda games. Crossing my fingers.

link2Dpast1134d ago

its zelda, tell me 1 bad zelda game that has been released on home consoles. People just were turned off by the graphics on wind waker , not it as a whole. This star fox looks extreemely underwhelming , empty, boring, just plain , like my life. Transforming and all that in unnecessary are just gimmicks, this game was from the wii era as you can see in its ideas and they just pushed it on the WiiU. WiiU has some beautiful games as in terms of style and graphics, so it is capable of looking nice, but the game after seeing videos is just gut wrenching especially since its onen of there core game for fans. So they must dislike us

Masterofwiiu3ds1134d ago

"tell me 1 bad zelda game that has been released on home consoles."

Zelda CD-i. Then again, it wasn't made by Nintendo, so calling it "zelda" isn't completey fair.

I'm hopefully optomistic about Star Fox, though. It reminds me of 64 (on rails, open areas, different vehichles), which was my favorite Star Fox.

BenRage31134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

That's your opinion, and I get it that others share it, but I do not. There was nothing gut wrenching about it. The Internet is a strange place. All it takes is for one person to give an opinion and the rest just follow the crowd and in many instances to a dead end i.e. Wind Waker. In other words, And i will repeat myself here, the Internet was buzzing with hatred when WW was revealed, very similar to how Starfox is being received.

The graphics are not as bad as everyone is saying, that's my opinion. I play 1080p 60 fps on my PC and I am saying the graphics are not as bad as people are making it out to be. The transformation mechanic looks bloody awesome, and I am very interested in the unique control scheme. Again I am patient enough to withhold judgment until the game is released.

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edureboucas1134d ago

I'm crossing mine as well, I'm very excited by the idea of a real follow up to StarFox 64.

RPGrinder1134d ago

Never heard of this site. IGN, Game Informer, all the major sites said the game is really fun

link2Dpast1134d ago

Fun thats the most basic excuse in the book of saying its a 6/10. Thats like calling a ugly girl smart, you get me

RPGrinder1134d ago

And it will get reviewed highly and sell well which is what matters in the end. The game is not even done yet

MSBAUSTX1134d ago

I for one thought the switching from one style of vehicle to another looked really interesting and though there was a lot of action going on. Besides, name one other game like this on any of the big 3 consoles out. There are virtually zero 3D Space fighting games out right now. Maybe one obscure one here and there.

Not to mention how much fun this game's multiplayer may be given all the different vehicles. I agree that we should wait to see what it looks like finished and how it plays and I agree that it doesn't look very polished. I am down for playing it if it is really fun though. I didn't buy the Wii U because it was a graphics powerhouse anyway. I bought it to play really fun Nintendo games. Anyone that is complaining about how it looks shouldn't have purchased a Wii U. They should have bought an XB1 or PS4 instead.

BenRage31134d ago

I think Wii U's graphics are just fine. Not as good as its competitors, but good enough for me.

namEuser1134d ago

Exactly...the games look just fine on the WiiU, better than Ps3 and Xbox 360 games...imo tired of hearing people say WiiU games look like crap....what kind of drugs are you people on!!! I mean, really......whats funny is most of the people that do say that, only say that because its not considered a 8th Gen console "graphically." I think its just fine imo and can't wait for the NX! 😁

Crowserk1134d ago

Has there been any talk of Multiplayer Dog Fighting?

Nodoze1134d ago

Once again a gimmick takes center stage as opposed to the content/characters/story.

So this entire game is simply a gamepad demo and nothing more. everything else is window dressing and an after thought.

Sad really as I have no interest in the gamepad gameplay. if I could turn it off I would do it minute 1 and use the pro controller.

Why Nintendo...why? Kirby was the same thing, with forced use of the stylus and gamepad.

We just want your beloved characters and games GIMMICK FREE.

BenRage31134d ago

What you say has no logical merit. What you are doing is creating an argument in your mind and presenting it like fact, when it is nothing more than an opinion. Gimmick is the new follow the crowd criticism that uninformed gamers use to smear Nintendo. People who use that term do not think for themselves.

I will never buy into that viewpoint. A gimmick is designed to lure people in, but a gimmick would lack longevity. For example, do you remember clear pepsi? That was a gimmick. Nintendo attempting to push the boundaries of how we play a video game is an attempt at permanent change. It sometimes fails, but that doesn't mean it was Nintendo's "blueprint" to create a gimmick.

Nintendo doesn't sit in a room thinking, "How can we rip off these dumb gamers into buying our stuff?" Anyone who thinks Nintendo operates this was does not understand the Japanese traditions of business nor the history of the company.

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