Hideo Teases New Phantom Pain Gameplay, MGO Still MIA

Hideo Kojima has been teasing some new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage, but we haven't seen any signs of Metal Gear Online in ages.

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Braid1171d ago

55 days left to experience the last good Metal Gear game, and it'll definitely go with a bang.

Summons751171d ago

They already confirmed MGO, what do you want just a continuous live stream of the full thing? Why have any surprises when you expect them to tell everything?

callumjack1171d ago

You hear that guys? News is no longer a thing people want, Summons75 figured it all out. N4G, shut it all down, we've totally got it wrong, someone call IGN and give them the news

Summons751171d ago

I didn't say that at all, way to put words from your twisted sense of reality into my mouth. All I said is what do you expect them to tell you about something WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT. News is great, revealing everything about a game....not so great. The last trailer already gave us a ton of information about it.

porkChop1171d ago

Yeah, they confirmed it. But they haven't said all that much about it. MGS V comes out in less than 2 months. Isn't MGO supposed to launch with MGS V?

callumjack1171d ago

Exactly, one game type, one map,just the impression you can have multiple classes and heroes? That's no more than any other shooter, what sets it apart? But watch out, wouldn't want to spoil any "surprises" lol

pyroxxx1171d ago

Hope MGO gets rid of redundant and bothersome MGO Konami registration,.. Played a ton of mgo when mgs4 came out,.. and was pretty fun

callumjack1171d ago

Right? It was criminally underappreciated, I read some people run a server of their own to keep playing

C L O U D1171d ago

September 1st...I'm going to run to Argos and pick up my copy

ps4fanboy1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Last metal gear? PAH , give it a few years....

callumjack1171d ago

Maybe one more Metal Gear acid, I could go for that

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