Playing With Identity

In just an hour or two playing games online — whether on your console or PC — expect to witness the darkest recesses of humanity.

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Nonscpo1257d ago

"You could be forgiven for assuming that videogames are still a boy’s world. Even though the demographic of gamers is increasingly diversifying from its original, teenage male archetype to a much wider audience, the majority of AAA titles still centre on the classic tenants of adolescent testosterone pandering. From barrel-chested Kratos ripping apart mythological beasts between bouts of group sex with buxom women in the God of War series to Uncharted’s vastly more enlightened Nathan Drake confronting a Betty versus Veronica quagmire while traipsing through settings torn from the pages of a Robert Louis Stevenson adventure novel, games have a sexist quality that will take a long time to defeat"

Hooray another article calling gamers sexist mysogynistic pigs, cause we haven't read enough of those already!