Crysis Warhead 'Comic-Con 08' gameplay

Sniping soldiers has never looked this good.

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Fadixon3714d ago

is this a expansion pack or smthin?

Ghoul3714d ago

standalone xpansion pack

looking great btw

jkhan3714d ago

Crysis 1. hmmm oh yeah Crysis 1.01
Too bad my PC still can't run it:(

Crazyglues3714d ago

PS3 is feeding my gaming addiction for right now... but I do need to get back to PC... nothing compares to High end PC gaming.

but wow did they improve Crysis graphics or has the game always looked this good, because in that video it look like they where even sweeter then I remembered. -of Course I have not played it on PC yet.

But that does look really good compared to what I seen before of Crysis.

Ghoul3713d ago

@ crazy they reworked some of the rendering methods and lighting calculations, overall its said to run better then crysis.

levy3714d ago

And the reports that the AI is a lot more aggressive and decisive, and that the computer requirements are scaled down a LOT is great news indeed. Then we'll just wait for some astounding patch that will make it look even more beautiful.

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