Forza Horizon 2 Getting Six New Cars on Xbox One

"There are six new cars coming to Forza Horizon 2, five of them available tomorrow in the IGN Car Pack exclusively on Xbox One and a sixth free for all players. The pack will cost $5 on the Xbox Store or the Forza Hub app on Xbox One."

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raggy-rocket1233d ago

Support for this game is amazing. Can't wait for Forza 6!

u4one1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

interestingly enough, if you go on the xbl store and look at the forza 6 bundle (ultimate i believe its called - the $99 one) it implies that the extra car packs that you get for forza 6 will also work in forza horizon 2. i'm not sure if i just misread or misinterpreted, but if thats the case, thats really freaking cool.

I love FH2 btw. I usually prefer as much sim as possible, but that game is just a blast to play and though the physics are a bit more forgiving than forza motorsport, pcars, gt6 or whatever, they are still really good for what it is - especially considering you can tune and customize them as well. def looking forward to this dlc and more for forza

ABizzel11233d ago

I don't mind support for a game, but what I don't like is IGN "a gaming journalism site" making content deals with the manufacturers of the products and games they review.


ThePresentIsAgift1233d ago

The IGN packs are, to the best of my knowledge, put together utilising player feedback from the site and other resources.