GameStop's Summer Sale Offers Deals on Xbox One, PlayStation TV, Several Games and More

Today GameStop launched several deals as part of its summer sale, that will last five weeks.

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Rimeskeem1229d ago

For being Gamestop I am actually quite impressed

blackblades1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Psn sales probably be cheaper. Im more interested on seeing psn summer sales. I can name plenty of games I bought for $3, $5, $10.

LexHazard791228d ago

Youre right probaBly cheaper digital but good prices if you like to oWn your actual games.

blackblades1228d ago

Here's that own BS again. Pretty sure I'll have it for the next 20 years so I don't care.

LexHazard791228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

"Here that own BS" how do you.know youre going to have it the next 20yrs? Something could happen to the internet what then? I rather own a physical copy big like digital good for you. No need to be a smartass about it!

blackblades1228d ago

1st of all you're the one who started. Like it doesn't matter when I finish a game these days I don't go back them, same with people who buy physical and then sells them. So whatever and like I said you started the digital vs physical you.....

Trekster_Gamer1228d ago

I will always prefer a physical copy. Only until there is no other option will I do digital.

I still have some original Atari 2600 games that are classic and are still really fun to play. It is nice to have the original game box, manual and physical cartridge all these years later.

LexHazard791228d ago

You a crazy dude. You said I started it but the funny thing is my comment says I agreed with you!!! And all I said was I prefer physical.. and what are you 6? You started bs!

blackblades1228d ago

All I seen was you saying those sales if you like to actually own your games. In my pov shows you starting the vs crap again as in you bring it up.

rashada071228d ago

I must not be looking at this "sale" right.. I am on the main gamestop page- 6 games?? really? I think past years have been better- BTW if you really want Unity has had it for cheap the last couple months. Seen it range from 9$-15$..