How does the size of Star Citizen compare to other titles?

That’s right, Star Citizen will require a whopping 100GB of free drive space just to install on your PC. To put that number in perspective, that’s exactly the same amount of space required to install Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3 combined.

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Meltic1258d ago

bad compressed... no mans sky is bigger and its not even going to be 30 gb big sean have said. And no mans sky have tons of details. NPC'S wildlife, TREE ANIMATION, RAIN, Night time and day time, every planet you can enter and every moon. And MORE

starchild1258d ago

Not even remotely comparable. No Man's Sky has procedurally generated environments and last gen graphics. Lots and lots of reused assets.

Not that it can't be a great game in its own right, but it's easy to see why it has a smaller install size. The quality of the assets is greatly superior in Star Citizen. That's easy to see with a quick glance at both games.

3-4-51257d ago

* Two different games made in two different ways with two sets of awesome features.

Some of you realize more than one thing in life at a time can be good right ?

bumsick1258d ago

All those things dont take up much hdd space. No mans sky is almost entirely procedurally generated, star citizen is not and as such will likely take up far more space. Not to mention the detail is vastly superior in star citizen. If you look into it one ship in star citizen (a big one) would likely take up almost as much memory,if not more than certain planets on no mans sky. And yes SC is pretty much uncompressed atm as its early alpha build. :)

ravinash1258d ago

"Do you have enough hard drive space to play it"!

...... no.

R6ex1258d ago

No problem!

4TB drives are cheap. :)