The Xbox One Elite Controller: A Thing of Beauty or Overpriced Waste of Money?

With a hefty price tag of $149 and cheaper alternatives already on the market, one has to wonder if this peripheral is indeed intended for society's elite.

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Snookies12986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

So... You have one already, to make this assessment?

It looks nice, but it all comes down to how it feels in your hands. I'm not trying to pay $150 for a cosmetic overhaul if the controller doesn't function any better than its much less expensive counterpart.

Neonridr986d ago

Based on initial reviews from almost everyone that has handled came up very positive... so I'm guessing that this controller is going to be regarded as a very nice piece of equipment in the end.

Will people pay the amount they are asking? Only time will tell..

mikeslemonade986d ago

I think it's both. Beauty and it's overpriced.

mhunterjr986d ago

I haven't seen a single hands on impression that didn't suggest that it feels better (in part thanks to being customizable), and is made of significantly more durable materials than the standard fair...

annoyedgamer986d ago

It is a direct competitor to the scuff controller which is very popular and costs even more. This is not a cosmetic overhaul, there are alot of controllers out with different design and the price point for those are more or less the same.

AngelicIceDiamond986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

@Snookies Do you know his gaming habits? Or the type of gamer he is? Maybe hes in MLG? This controller imo is for the hardest core of gamers. I'll admit I am a hardcore gamer, but this controller is a bit to much even for me.

Plus I don't play nearly as much as I use to. Playing COD, Forza, Fighters etc online is gonna be even more of a challenge for us normal hardcore players. Your gonna recognize who has the controller or not when playing online.

Its a thing beauty if your very, very competitive and play often and especially if you have a team that you play with constantly.

150$ will be well spent if your a die hard hardcore gamer. So maybe this controller is for @98Xpresent.

christocolus986d ago


"So... You have one already, to make this assessment?"

You should go online to read up stuff on the Xbox Elite controller before asking that question.

Razputin986d ago

Does everyone need this controller? No.

But some people do. Anyone who plays competitively on Xbox or PS, knows that the default options for some games suck.

For example a lot of pro players for Halo use the Bumper Jumper schema to never move their fingers of the analog sticks or triggers.

There are already modded controllers like this on the market, and have been for a while.

Microsoft is just making an official one, and getting one straight from the source with blended options is a huge plus.

Again, not everyone needs or wants this. But for some players if they don't have the other varied options of similar controllers already, will jump on this day one.

I know I'll be getting two with the finally recently announced wireless adapter for PC.

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Neonridr986d ago

Looks awesome. But for $150 you would have to expect it to be an awesome piece of tech. It's over double what we are accustomed to spending on one controller.

nucky64986d ago

i think the 2 choices the author proposes are too extreme. it looks to be an excellent controller - however, i don't (in my opinion, for what it's worth) think any controller should cost 150 dollars.

Neonridr986d ago

should there not be different levels of gaming controllers like there are different levels of gaming headsets?

nucky64986d ago

sure there can - I just don't think it's a good investment. I feel the same about headsets and cell phones too. vehicles as well - i'll pay 25-28K but no more. just my opinion.

LifeInNZ986d ago

You want the best controller you have to pay for it. Been that way for decades. Just look at the price for a good gaming wheel for racing games....which can only be used for racing games.

Bennibop986d ago

At half the cost of the x1 it's way to much! Needs to be sub $100/ £100 for me.

mhunterjr986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

If your the type of gamer who would buy a 3rd party professional controller, this is a no brainier... It will save you time and $ vs having to own different pads for different types of games.

The fact that you can customize it to your liking AND switch between sensitivity profiles on the fly would make it a great addition for someone who takes gaming extremely seriously...

It's not for everyone. It has a target audience... And for that audience, it's priced adequately...

Also, it is a thing of beauty.

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