Thanks to Fans, the Spirit of Silent Hills and its P.T. Will Live on in Allison Road

Even though gamers are still coping with the loss of Silent Hills suddenly slipping through their fingers, one new UK studio looks to pick up from where Konami and Kojima left off.

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Timesplitter141260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

One of the coolest things in PT was the you never knew what to expect next, and there was a lot of hidden stuff to discover. I hope Allison Road manages to get that aspect right too and it won't just be the same little girl monster haunting you throughout the whole game

deadpoolio3161260d ago

There wasn't really that much to discover, and hallway simulator 2014 was extremely overrated...there was a set amount of things that needed to be accomplished just to see a 30 second teaser that the game was for Silent Hills....Its so annoying that people keep calling it P.T. like it was a game, it was a PLAYABLE TEASER(P.T.)

I swear I have no clue how people read too much into this stuff, there weren't "new and hidden" things to locate that would further anything. PLAYABLE TEASER was just that a playable teaser, that people read way too much into. It was creepy for all of about 5 minutes, hell you didn't even get attacked IF you didn't turn around and look at her

Timesplitter141260d ago

does the fact that it was a teaser even matter?

Also it's the buildup that matters in horror games, not actually getting attacked by monsters. Once you get attacked, it releases all the pressure and the fear of the unknown.

oasdada1260d ago

Kinda feel sorry for u mate

O.t: even after playing p.t and knowing what will happen i still get scared by that game. They absolutely nailed it with the atmosphere and sound effects

OhMyGandhi1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

interesting. So, you are only creeped if things are actively attacking you?

It's all hugely personal preference, but for me, and so many others, PT was scary because you have no idea of what to expect coming in. An innocent hallway, right? I get to the end, open up the door, and gaze upon what looks like the same hallway...But something's off. It adds intrigue, suspense. Why is the radio on? where am I? what's that screaming? Why are there things on the walls, what's that hanging from the ceiling? Why is everything red? why is sound distorted? Why does it sound like someone is following me? Everything I just mentioned has little physical impact on the character in the game, nothing can hurt you. But the fear of getting hurt is just as terrifying as when you getting chased by some terrifying monster, either real or imaginary.

People see potential in a game that makes a damned good case in the (much needed) shot in the arm of a dying franchise. Silent Hill 2 was a masterpiece, plain and simple. It provided a sense of dread that I haven't experienced until recently with both Alien:Isolation and this little FREE demo.

PT nailed these overwhelming feelings of fear, dread, even resignation that one may be stuck in one place forever. Few games can accomplish this, and PT creeped me out more in 30 minutes then most "feature length" games.

Allison Road looks damned good so far, they have the feel down, and I couldn't be happier that it exists.

uth111260d ago

It was amazing for what it was, tense and atmospheric. But I cringe when I see people calling it one of the greatest horror games ever, or one of the best PS4 exclusives. It's barely a game.

And now that it's unavailable, it's taken on more mystique

Timesplitter141260d ago

What would be a better horror game? Most horror games are just puzzles with monsters you can shoot. Or games like Amnesia which stop being scary 1/4 of the way through

Muzikguy1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Don't like it? That's fine, but why are you acting like others can't like it either. Teaser or not, it was still something to look forward to. A glimpse of a new horror game that fans obviously enjoyed and want. I'm tired of FPS and ARPG. Horror games are always welcome. Also I'm confused as why calling it PT is all of a sudden a bad thing. That's the name it was given, so what? I agree with these other comments too. A horror game isn't only scary when things attack. Psychological horror is one of the best kinds! Makes one think, and I like that

BitbyDeath1260d ago

Teaser or not PT is one of the scariest horror games ever made.

Ratty1260d ago

Yes you did. Did you play it? At one point she'll grab you from behind and break your neck. You don't have to be looking at her for that to happen but she does turn you around when she does it.

Anyway PT was awesome.

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TomatoDragon1260d ago

Agreed. I hope they also keep the movement aesthetics that PT had.
I feel that many first person games tend to mimic more of a camera being pushed around on a table, (more than likely to adhere to gun gameplay)
PT's camera actually felt like a real person walking around.

KryptoniteTail1260d ago

I just want Konami to make two Silent Hills, any new traditional entry in the series for home consoles and a Book of Memories 2 for Vita.

Braid1260d ago

The game seems cool, as far as I know it's one of the few games that is confirmed to use UE4. It looks good and I'll definitely play it, but the only concern I have towards the game is that it seems like it's taking place in one place only, just like P.T. That might mean a) repetition and b) a short game. It looks like a cool tech demo but it probably won't be at the same scope of Silent Hills, a full-on game. This is more like Gone Home or Dear Esther, one of those narrative driven puzzlers, which is nice, but I'd definitely love a good, long game to roam streets, enter abandoned stores, houses, explore a ghost town. I'm not sure if a team of five could achieve that much of content, Black Mesa Source being an exception (which took literally years to come out).

C L O U D1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

What's scary is, being a London native...I've actually been in a house like this before

Simco8761260d ago

As long as pyramid head shows up and takes his mask off revealing he has been Norman Reedus all along...I will die a happy man.

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