Five Things That Simply Must Improve in WWE 2K16

TTZ: WWE 2K15 was a severe disappointment barring the Showcase Mode. TTZ suggests five major improvements to make the upcoming WWE 2K16 a winner

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roguedragon11260d ago

Only 5 lol. One thing I'd like to see the back of is that over the rope battle royal crap, makes matches so boring. Plus better create a character mode.

curtis921260d ago

Totally agree about the royal rumble elimination mini game crap. Eliminations should be fun and exciting and sometimes shocking. Those minigames really make it all anticlimactic. Having said that... I don't have a proper suggestion on how to make it work in a video game. It just.. isn't working as-is.

warrior821260d ago

take away the whole chain grappling nonsense..see here comes the pain and wwe 2k14 are such great titles, it sucks to see yukes make a bad game. wwe 2k15 was a let down on so many levels that it is hard to consider the next one.