Ronin Review | OnlySP

OnlySP: As I sit here thinking about how to review Ronin, a 2D half stealth game, half over-the-top mass-murder simulator by Tomasz Wacławek, I am inclined to be unfair to it. So let me start with this: the game is fun. All the following paragraphs of criticism should be prefaced by a tentative recommendation. The stylized visuals and much-touted turn-based combat are viscerally entertaining (when they work…) and the game’s minimalist, unfolding narrative is both intriguing and serves to string together the otherwise repetitive gameplay well… even if it an otherwise interesting twist is spoiled by the game’s description on Steam (or maybe I’m more clever than I think. Either way, I suggest you not think too hard about it. Or at least try and act surprised).

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